Fabled: Lottie And The Frog

September 10, 2018
  • Lottie Students Lunch Room
  • Lottie Man In Pond
  • Lottie Couple Kiss In Forest Illustration

The Grimms explored an age-old conundrum: what really separates the “princes” from the “frogs?” Uber-popular Lottie needs someone to rescue her most prized possession from the school pond, as she has dropped it in and can’t swim herself. The only hope is passer-by Eli, a nerd, (nicknamed “The Frog” after an unfortunate burping incident in 8th grade.) He agrees to help if she’ll sit with him at lunch for the rest of the year. This, of course, disrupts the social order of things and the result is blackmail, hilarity, class warfare, and some awkward moments, in that order. As prom approaches, let’s see if the “princess” and the “frog” magically transform each other, or just get warts.

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