Merrilee Boyack

Merrilee Boyack is a mom of four sons, grandma to two and an attorney, author, and professional speaker.  


  • How to train your children

    Training our kids and teaching them the things they need to be able to do to be independent can be a wonderful experience. But it can also be challenging.

  • 4 ways for kids to master a task

    We all want our children to grow up and be independent adults. But figuring out how to get them there can be challenging.

  • Nerds to jocks and everything in-between: What's your family?

    If someone were to describe your family, what three words would they use? OK, not dysfunctional, dangerous, and weird — those are mine! Seriously, how would someone who knew your family describe you?

  • The secrets to teaching kids about borrowing money

    Your child wants to borrow money from you. Should you do that? How should you do that? Learn the best secrets to teaching your kids about borrowing money wisely.

  • When kids buy their own clothes

    Teenagers are highly motivated when it comes to clothes and expensive “toys.” As a result, this is a great age to give them more training in their financial education.At the age of 12, kids get a clothing budget. At this age, their allowance ends.

  • Should my child pay for college?

    Should my child pay for college? This question plagues parents almost from the child’s birth. If so, how much? If not, why not? Rather than avoid this question, we can face it head-on and help our children with life in the process.

  • Let the house do the teaching: Open the door to new ways of raising your children

    The way you set up and decorate your home can help a lot in raising your kids. Learn tips on how to do this easily and successfully.

  • 10 reasons why you must train your kids to be independent

    Just like a bird teaches their baby how to fly and get food, it’s important for us to train our children to be independent. You don’t see a mama bird say, “Oh, just stay here in the nest. There’s plenty of room and it’s hard to fly and get food.

  • What's a parent's job?

    I don’t know about you, but somebody played a terrible trick on me. Someone just gave me these kids with no instructions. I will never forget having them hand me my first baby and thinking, “Now what do I do?

  • Raising independent kids: what can a 5-year-old do?

    Five years old is absolutely one of my favorite ages. By 5, a child is starting to grow up a bit and take care of themselves. And they are so excited about everything. They’re excited to start school. They’re excited to meet new friends.

  • Raising independent kids: What can 11- and 12-year-olds do?

    What can 11- and 12-year-olds do? This is an important time to train them in life skills that they need to learn. They are still very interested and pretty cooperative at this age so it’s time to take advantage of that and teach them a lot.

  • Got goals? Achieving family and personal goals

    Setting goals as a family can be the difference between having a good family and enjoying a GREAT family. Teaching our kids to set goals and accomplish them will help your kids and help the whole family.

  • Grandma, tell me a story: Building a legacy through family lore

    What’s your family’s story? Where did you come from? What has happened to your grandparents, your parents, the siblings?Family lore is a description of who we are as a family and what we have experienced.

  • Raising independent kids: What can a 4-year-old do?

    Four-year-olds are observant, imaginative, sensitive — and generally terrific! They’re really starting to pay attention to what grown-ups do. This is a great time to train them so that they can be independent.Make their own bed.

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