Marian Dunn Griffith

Marian Griffith is a mother of nine with a wide variety of entrepreneural experiences. She earned her BA in Natural Health.

  • Container gardens: a labor of love

    When a traditional garden is not an option container gardening has gained in popularity. This article will cover the basics of starting and maintaining a container garden while bringing the family closer together and providing economic benefits.

  • The worst mistake is not to make any

    Those who accomplish the most are not afraid of making mistakes. They do the best they can and get out of their comfort zone. They become an instrument for good in others' lives.

  • Don't just wish: 6 steps for making and achieving life goals

    Setting goals will help us keep on track toward our life's desires. Antoine de Saint Exupery said, "A goal without a plan is just.... a wish.” So stop wishing and start setting goals. Here are a few pointers to get started.

  • Family tree: A first step in genealogy

    Learn how to begin researching your family history and begin a life-changing love for your ancestors. Start with these very basic pointers and get to know your family.

  • Death: What happens then?

    As we learn what others believe about what happens after we die, we can gain faith that life does not end with death.

  • Happiness: Is it really up to me?

    Being happy is a choice we can learn to make once we realize how. Here are a few pointers on how we can make our lives happier.

  • Is sewing worth it?

    Can I really make inexpensive clothes for my kids? Sewing for your children can be expensive. This article tells you how to enjoy the benefits of creating something homemade while avoiding much of the cost.

  • Learn the meaning and value of wisdom and integrity

    Wisdom, knowledge and Integrity. The meaning of these words is not always clear. Learning the difference between wisdom and knowledge and how we gain wisdom will help us to increase our integrity and become better people.

  • Suicide is not your only option: Find a better way

    There is no sin in temptation, only in acting on the temptation. Ask God for strength to resist Satan and the wisdom to recognize your possibilities.

  • Sweat the flu away with this home remedy

    Natural remedies are the oldest form of medicine but have almost become a lost art. The herbal remedy for the cold and flu is discussed in this article.

  • Life skill: Hand washing laundry

    Hand washing your family's laundry is a valuable life skill. Something everyone should know. Whether a disaster, traveling abroad, or lifestyle- it is important to be able to disinfect, as well as clean your clothes. Here are a few tips on how.

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