Jelean Reynolds

Jelean was raised in a small farming community with her nine brothers and sisters. She is an accomplished author. She enjoys creating scrapbooks for her grandchildren when they turn 12. Jelean writes about religion, personal and family experiences. She has been married for 51 years and has five children and 19 grandchildren.

  • How faith and Jesus' sacrifice healed my pain

    My personal experience with illness — though minute in comparison — brought Jesus’ suffering to a reality.

  • Stitches of love: What I learned from restoring my mother's vintage dress

    Learning from my mother and grandmother increased strengths in my life that had once been hidden.

  • How to talk to a spouse with depression

    Support of the spouse can prevent the symptoms of depression from increasing. Encouraging treatment for feelings of hopelessness, lack of sleep, change in appetite, thoughts of suicide aids in recovery and sustains the couple's relationship.

  • Interesting conversation topics for boring married couples

    Including personal interests, accomplishments, and memorable events in conversations add compatability between couples.

  • 10 ways to bond with your grandchildren

    Playing games and going on outings form strong relationships with grandchildren. Help your grandchildren feel like an important ingredient in your daily experiences, but continue to maintain adult-child roles.

  • How to deal with a bully

    Bullying comes in many forms. Telling a child he or she can’t play causes hurt feelings, affects self-esteem and causes feelings of rejection. Name-calling is just as damaging as acts of physical aggression by a fellow classmate. There are ways to pre

  • How to create a memory book for your grandchild

    Throughout the years, I have found a way to form a unique bond with my grandchildren: When they turn 12, I present them with a scrapbook. It is not only a collection of photos, but it also contains brief written histories of their lives and ancestors.

  • Teaching children responsibility

    A week went by and no reminders were given to the children who had daily responsibilities. The work piled up. No work was done. A tour of the unkempt home was taken and rules and consequences were established. The children became self-motivated.

  • Get up when you fall down

    “You can do it Jelean." I did what my dad had asked me to do. I climbed back on his hands slowly. I stood straight up, then I jumped. I didn‘t fall. I gained back my confidence. I had trusted my dad. And I had learned to get up each time I fell.

  • Romantic rendezvous

    Reminiscing, listening to a concert, swimming in the ocean along with viewing the outdoors with all its beauties add exhilaration to a relationship.

  • Band-Aids on the brain: A story about dealing with depression

    Andrea and Lisa grew up together. They had always been close. Their friendship was inseparable until miscommunication and lack of understanding for Lisa’s depression stifled their relationship.

  • How to deal with anxiety and depression during pregnancy

    I didn’t want to be pregnant, but I was. I experienced a relentless depression as if I was living in a tunnel, a black and all-encompassing tunnel, and I suffered from anxiety.

  • How to adjust family life to a disability

    Coping with a disability is difficult and is often disheartening to loved ones. Rallying efforts through love and family involvement can bring stability and peace to the family unit.

  • How to teach your kids about their heritage

    Heritage means the history of progenitors, their language and valued principles. It entails their music, stories, and games. Create and play an ancestry game with your kids. The game will be a wonderful tradition to pass down for generations.

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