Devin Thorpe

Devin Thorpe, husband, father, author of Your Mark On The World and a popular guest speaker, is a Forbes Contributor. Building on a twenty-five year career in finance and entrepreneurship that included $500 million in completed transactions, he now champions social good full time, seeking to help others succeed in their efforts to make the world a better place.


  • 5 ways giving your stuff away actually saves you money

    It sounds impossible that giving your stuff away could save you money, but here we'll outline some ways that make "cents" as well as sense.

  • 5 ideas for working from home

    The world of “work-from-home” opportunities is full of possibilities for people who sign you up. Some are legitimate opportunities that will take years of hard work to develop; others are scams.

  • 12 free things you can do with your family

    If your cash is running low and the kids are bored, don’t despair. There are countless ways to have fun for free. This list of twelve activities will get you started.

  • The most important financial to-do this year

    As you contemplate your financial future, for a moment, focus on just the next twelve months. Identify a priority goal and focus your financial resources on making progress toward that goal.

  • 9 tips for selling your valuable 'junk' online

    For those things you no longer need, but are too valuable to give away, you can sell them online quickly and easily. Follow these nine tips to get the most for your old stuff.

  • 9 ways to save your marriage from destructive money fights

    The number one predictor of divorce is fighting about money. Read this article to learn how to stop fighting about money and build a shared vision of your future together.

  • 2 ways to make big money by doing nothing

    There are two ways that doing nothing saves you big money. Do nothing in these two cases, and improve your family's financial life and your retirement.First, decide not to sell your car and buy a new one.

  • Buy this, not that! Money saving tradeoffs

    Every day, we face purchase decisions for our family. At the end of the month, we’ll have to face those same decisions in the form of a bank statement reminding us of how little money is left. Here are some ideas to help you spend less: Cell smart.

  • 10 ways to prevent diabetes

    Diabetes is a global epidemic. Not all cases of diabetes can be prevented, but many can. The epidemic of type 2 diabetes — adult onset — is closely related to a sedentary lifestyle. Here are some ideas to help you avoid diabetes.

  • 5 tips to help you save for a down payment

    One of the greatest financial struggles a family ever faces is making the down payment on a first home. A down payment of 5 percent is really just the beginning. In addition, there are closing costs that can easily total 2 percent of the purchase price.

  • Funding college without savings or debt

    If your financial situation has been such that you haven’t been able to save for your child’s college education and you want to avoid any student loans, college is still an option.

  • How to save money on the things you absolutely have to buy

    The easiest way to save money on a purchase is not to make it! When you absolutely have to make the purchase for food, clothes, shelter and transportation, you need to get the best deal you can.

  • Life insurance is a must: Consider these tips when buying

    No one likes to think about the possibility of dying prematurely, but parents must take time to think about it in order to plan appropriately and buy the necessary life insurance to protect the children.

  • How to educate yourself about diabetes

    If you have recently been diagnosed with diabetes or pre-diabetes you are likely wondering and worrying about your future. Educating yourself is the best way to make sure that your life is as healthy and happy, as possible.

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