David Jensen

David is the father of two girls (16 and 9) both diagnosed with ADHD. He is a stay-at-home parent and works as a freelance writer.

  • How to teach kids about gratitude

    Teaching kids to have gratitude goes beyond the perfunctory call to grandma or the hand-etched Thank-you note immediately following a gift or kind gesture. It's important for kids to learn how to be grateful for all things.

  • 3 ways to boost your ADHD child's self-esteem

    Building self-esteem is important for everyone. However, in children with ADHD, their level of self-esteem will have a strong impact on their ability to achieve goals, foster relationships and enjoy success throughout their lives.

  • 3 ways to keep your cool with your ADHD child

    Raising children that have an Attention Deficit disorder is difficult. Certain actions or behaviors might cause you to lose patience with your child. Here are three ways to help you keep your wits when dealing with your child's behavior.

  • How to punish children without punishing yourself

    When you punish your children for naughty behavior, do you end up punishing yourself as well? Here are some thoughts about punishment and how to make it more effective.

  • Fatherhood in a house full of girls

    Being a parent is perplexing enough. But as the sole male in a house full of daughters, there is much to learn. And the best teachers of how to raise girls are the girls themselves.

  • Moms get in the game

    When talking about motherhood, the words exhausting, challenging, stressful, rewarding and fun might come to mind. Sometimes it can even be injurious. Mothers are always on the front lines and certainly earn the kudos they receive on Mother's Day.

  • How to motivate kids who only want to earn passing grades

    Adolescents don't always see the long-term value of working hard to perform well and earn good grades in school. You might need to try a few different approaches to encourage your kids to boost their academic performance.

  • Strong families are the key to a prosperous society

    Any parent will openly admit that sustaining a marriage and establishing a strong family unit is hard work. The process of parenting children from birth to adulthood in such a way that the children become productive members of society is replete with

  • How to teach fairness in an unfair world

    It's no secret that few things in this life are genuinely fair, but try teaching that to children. Here are some tips for teaching children about fairness in an unfair world.

  • Teenage angst or ADD? How to tell the difference

    A teenager's troublesome behavior could be more than a problematic attitude. Children with ADD often exhibit behaviors that are out of their control.

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