Danica Trebel

Danica Trebel is a mom to two AMAZING teenage sons, a recovering perfectionist and a Life and Family Dynamics Coach. She specializes in helping families tune up their relationships through perspective, communication and faith www.danicatrebel.com


  • You can change the world

    With manners and personal interaction quickly becoming extinct, here are four easy ways for you and your family to change the world and the lives of the people around you.

  • Aligning life priorities with Bible teachings

    Society strives to keep God at the bottom of the life pyramid, but when he's in his rightful place at the top everything flows exactly as the Bible promises.

  • 5 ways to help your teen cope with anger

    Anger is no stranger to the life of a teenager. While you can't wish it away, these five imperative steps will help you teach your young adult how to cope with his anger in healthy and loving ways.

  • 4 ways helping others helps you

    “Carry out a random act of kindness, with no expectation of reward, safe in the knowledge that one day someone might do the same for you.

  • Teen driving: Keeping it safe

    It goes without saying that driving is a huge responsibility, not only for your teen but you as well. Here are five solid tips you can use to encourage safe driving even before your child turns 16.

  • 4 simple ways to find your better self

    While changing the world for other people is invigorating and inspiring, practicing these four steps regularly has the power to not only change your life but transform your world, as well.

  • The sound of silence: 4 keys in dealing with teenagers

    You long to spend time talking to your teenage son like you did when he was little. Now, silence is the only thing that fills the room between you. These four keys will help you restore communication and heal your relationship in the process.

  • 6 ways to deal with an offense at church

    When the foundation of your church is fractured by an unthinkable event, use these six steps to support and guide your family through the confusion and rebuilding process.

  • 4 ways to deal with older siblings

    Here are four tips to help guide you to a healthier relationship with your older brothers and sisters.

  • Unconditional love: Loving without logic

    Trying to make sense of love is like trying to chase down the wind. It'll find you when you least expect it and can even leave you shaking your head in wonder. While love can often seem illogical, following your heart will always be an adventure.

  • 6 ways to transform mundane to meaningful

    When the doctor is running late for your appointment and you've already read all the magazines in the waiting room, here are a few tips to help you fill the time with meaning rather than mundane.

  • Helping your children follow their passions

    Whose life is it anyway? Three ways to empower your kids to follow their dreams, even if they don't match yours.

  • 3 steps to reducing the 'I've asked you 100 times...' [VIDEO]

    "I've asked you 100 times to pick up your underwear off the floor," is something you never want to have to say again. But is it even possible to get your kids to respond after the first ask? Indeed! And here are three steps to quicker results.

  • 3 ways to keep communication from going sour

    Communication is like milk: if it's left unused on the shelf, it'll spoil, curdle and turn sour. Here are three surefire ways to keep your fridge — and your home — stocked with fresh, healthy and nutritious communication.

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