6 fun snow games [VIDEO]

Why should summer have all the fun? These snow games will keep your kids frolicking through the winter.

6 fun snow games [VIDEO]

Why should summer have all the fun? These snow games will keep your kids frolicking through the winter.
  • Just because there's snow in the backyard, doesn't mean you can't use it. The family in this video made the most of a deep freeze and gave their children a winter they'll never forget.

  • Most kids definitely get a little stir-crazy in the winter. Here are some fun backyard games to play in the snow to help you hold out until spring.

  • Snowman Wars

  • This is a combo of Steal the Flag, and a snowball fight. Each team builds a snowman and the object of the game is to steal the hat off the other team's snowman. If you get hit by a snowball, you're in jail.

  • Natural Bridges

  • Pack snow into snow arches (you may need to use some water to melt out the middle). Roll or kick a ball through the arches for a variation on croquet. If the arches are big enough kids can crawl through for a snow obstacle course.

  • Tug the Scarf

  • Just like tug the rope, but with a scarf and a softer landing. With your boots, stomp a shallow trench in the snow. Divide into two teams and pull on the scarf. One team tries to pull the other over the trench.

  • Abominable Snowman tracker

  • Give one kid a head start, then the other kids can try to track him in the powder. The first one to find the Abominable Snowman is the next one to hide.

  • Snowcastles

  • Get out the sand toys — snow is also packable. Your kids can have a contest to see who can build the biggest snow castle. (Your snowman needs somewhere to call home.)

  • Paint the snow red

  • — or blue, or green. Just a little bit of food coloring mixed into a bucket for filling up water guns, spray bottles or even water balloons can turn the white expanse in your yard into the perfect canvas for your little Jackson Pollocks.

  • Getting your kids away from the TV and out into the crisp winter air can seem like a chore, but exercise and free play is just as important for kids in the winter as it is in the summer. Embrace the white stuff. Slip hand warmers into your child's pockets to extend the fun in the snow. Be sure to have plenty of hot cocoa and fuzzy socks on hand to finish the chilly fun.

Megan Wallgren is a freelance writer and mother of four energetic children.


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