7 ways to breathe new life into a new day

Make each new day a blank page and assign yourself as the author. You write your own story, free from what others think.

7 ways to breathe new life into a new day

Make each new day a blank page and assign yourself as the author. You write your own story, free from what others think.
  • Our children often see their mistakes and blunders as irrevocable. Unfixable. It is hard for them to grasp the concept of letting go and moving on. What if we taught them the process of repentance and moving on through a gentle morning ritual?

  • I begin my day the same way each morning. I read my scriptures, say my prayers and ponder the previous day and how I can make this day better. When I am finished with this routine, I like to listen to an anthem — a song that pumps me up for the day and gives me hope and drive. Carole King's "You're Beautiful" is one. "Her Morning Elegance" by Oren Lavie is another. I love, love, love "Morning Mood" by Grieg. And then, there's ... "Unwritten" by Natasha Bedingfield. Doing this each morning reminds me of the promises of repentance and new beginnings. It is how I like to think of each new day.

  • Each day is like a new chapter of our lives. Back in the 70s, we had this cliché "Today is the first day of the rest of your life." It was like a chant and the theme for almost every prom and the subject of almost every graduation talk.

  • As trite as that saying was, it bore the truth. Breaking it down:

  • I am unwritten ... I'm undefined

  • We can't allow others to label us. No one really knows what is in our hearts and minds. To them, we are unwritten. A book they may think they know, but they don't. This is difficult when you have friends or family who say to you, "I know you better than you know yourself." Nope. You don't.

  • I'm just beginning, the pen's in my hand ..

  • Each morning, we need to leave the junk from yesterday behind and begin again and, more importantly, we need to remember that we are the one writing the story. No one can determine our mood or our actions but us.

  • Open up the dirty window

  • ,

  • We need to stop seeing things as grimy and brown and let the sun illuminate our outlook. No matter what the day's weather presents, make it sunny.

  • Reaching for something in the distance, so close you can almost taste it

  • These are some of my favorite lyrics, and it is the way I try to live — full of hope, knowing that something great is out there just waiting for me to claim it.

  • Feel the rain on your skin; no one else can feel it for you

  • Don't be afraid to get wet. It won't kill you. Allow yourself to feel everything. Really feel it. I have a friend who is so closed off to pain that the door is sealed to everything good, as well. No way to live. Some of the richest lessons we learn come from allowing ourselves to feel the rain.

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  • Live your life with arms wide open

  • Again, this reiterates the notion of being open to new experiences, new love, new life. This is where you really do the writing. Life gets more wonderful when you are open to the goodness that is waiting for you.

  • Today is where your book begins; the rest is still unwritten

  • Think of all the exciting chapters left to write.

  • So tomorrow morning, when you wake up those sweet little spirits, try this ritual with them. Tell them to pick up their pens, open a blank page, and write themselves an adventure. Teach them that they can make their own dreams come true. They have the power to claim the blessings waiting out there for them and craft their lives around them.

Becky Lyn is an author and a 35+ year (most of the time) single mom.


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