Valentine's Day advice for husbands [VIDEO]

Husbands, are you more comfortable buying a truck than a box of chocolates? Two wives share sure fire ways to show love on Valentine's Day.

Valentine's Day advice for husbands [VIDEO]

Husbands, are you more comfortable buying a truck than a box of chocolates? Two wives share sure fire ways to show love on Valentine's Day.
  • My husband always says, Valentine's Day is a scam by candy companies to get us to fork out more money. I look at him every year and let him know with tact and a little laughter, that one day out of the year to celebrate our love is a good investment. Still, many husbands have a hard time buying flowers that cost as much as a new fishing pole.

  • So for every man who feels lost this Valentine's Day, here is a little bit of help.

  • Make it

  • When you are celebrating your love for your wife, get an "E" for effort and show it. What better way to show it than to go out of your comfort zone and do something you don't normally do.

    • Cook a romantic dinner. Serve it in the back of your pick-up truck on the beach with candles for a nice romantic glow.

    • Get out the paper and the glue and make her a good old-fashioned valentine. Or, if you're a real man, get out your chain saw and carve it. Either way she will know you care.

    • Write her a poem. You may not be Robert Frost, but it will show you love her enough to try. Not all poetry has to be sappy. You can even write something just a little silly. "Roses are red, violets are blue and so is the bicycle I just bought for you."

    • If you fancy yourself a handy man why not make her something out of wood, metal or whatever medium you feel comfortable using. Is there something she's been asking you to make her? Even better, is there something she has wanted fixed for longer than a week, month or even a year? If you're not handy, call for back up and get a night with friends in too.

    • Get up early and make her breakfast. Surprise is key. This means beating her up in the morning and being prepared. Add a flower and note for extra points.

  • Be silly in love

  • Remember when you were dating and you'd bring her a flower or just text to say I love you? Be silly in your romance, it will bring a little smile to her face. This can be done any time. Don't wait for a holiday.

    • Text a love note several times during the day. Surprise her with a love email if she works. Get a couple of goofy friends or kids in the neighborhood to give her a singing telegram or love song. Air guitar to your song. Everybody has a "song." Do you remember yours?

    • Plaster the front door with cut out hearts saying I love you. Give her a heart attack. Write words that describe her like, "Beautiful," and "Kind," on hearts and tape them all over the front door.

    • Leave little notes and treats in her car to find before or after work. Post it notes work in good weather. Write a word or a line about why you love her on each one. Then, cover her entire car with post it notes of love.

    • Leave her little love notes all over the house for her to find during the day.

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  • It's the little things that count

  • Some of the best love is shown in service. One of the most romantic things you can do is show you care about how much she works for you. When you receive a bonus at work, or even a pat on the back from your boss it lifts your spirits, the same is true for your wife.

    • Complete little things around the house without being asked.

    • Rub her back or feet.

    • Play with the kids while she gets some time alone.

    • Clean the kitchen before she can get to it.

    • Run laundry and put it away.

  • Be selfless in love

  • This is especially important for families with young children, or who are going through a lot of stress. If your wife seems overwhelmed, and is having a hard time, don't expect anything in return. You will null and void your romantic gesture by turning around and asking where yours is. It feels good to show love to your wife, but showing unconditional love can not only make you feel good, but strengthen your marriage.

  • When all else fails, ask!

  • We have a friend who has given her husband a list of her preferred gifts, acceptable gives and sincerest dreams. They include things like jewelry, spa treatments and smaller things. The beauty of the list is it can change and be updated. Whatever he picks is a sure-fire winner. It never hurts to ask your wife what she likes. There is no point in buying flowers for a girl who might prefer a pair of new running shoes.

  • This year take a look at your marriage and the way you love. Remember, unconditional love is powerful. Everything you do today will change the direction of your relationship. If you hope to have 50 years together, invest in the future. Deposit love and wait for the return. The road to that goal starts now.

  • You have the ability and opportunity to strengthen your marriage and the love for your wife this Valentine's Day. Don't be afraid. Go forward with courage. Seize the moment like the guys in this video, and enjoy the results.

Shannon and Erin are a mother and daughter with lots of children and Utah and Oregon roots.

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