How to be more involved in your church congregation

Become involved in your church.

How to be more involved in your church congregation

Become involved in your church.
  • No matter your religion, church should be a place of comfort. It should be a place where you and your family feel welcomed and accepted. However, in many congregations, these feelings are not just something that happens, it is something your family must work toward. By becoming more involved in your church congregation, your family will experience welcoming feelings, you will get more out of each meeting, and you will be more likely to go each week rather than push your Sunday worship aside.

  • If your family is new to the congregation, you have shy or timid children or you don’t feel like you are on the same spiritual level as other congregational members, becoming more involved and getting to know others can be frightening and a challenge. Here are several ways you and your family can become more involved in your church congregation.

  • Accept assignments

  • Be willing to take whatever assignments and responsibilities asked of you. When you have a family, some assignments may seem almost impossible to complete. However, by accepting the job, you will be working with other individuals and have opportunities to get to know them. These responsibilities allow you to get more comfortable with members of the congregation, and help you attend church meetings each week.

  • Make an effort to attend events

  • It is easy to come up with a million reasons why you don’t want to go to church parties or other social events. You can get out of these functions easily, and without any guilt, especially when you have a family in tow. However, these settings are usually in a low stress environment, and are perfect opportunities for you to sit down with others and socialize. You don’t have to talk about anything religious. You can get to know them as a friend, and they can get to know you, as well.

  • Show up early

  • Instead of sneaking in five minutes after the church meeting has begun, show up early, and talk to others who are there. Plan your time wisely when getting your family ready for church to ensure you are there with enough time to talk to several congregational members. When you are willing to put forth the friendly and outgoing personality, others will be drawn to you and want to get to know you, as well.

  • Don’t hop congregations

  • Many individuals may not visit their own congregation each Sunday. Instead, they jump from one congregation to the next. While this does give you some variety, it also greatly decreases your chances of becoming involved in your own congregation. By sticking, and serving, in your specific congregation, you will be a much stronger asset than someone who is never around and never available. Your children will also have an easier time making friends, and they will be more anxious to attend church each week.

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  • Find something at which you are good

  • Most churches have different groups and organizations in which you can participate. From service projects, activity committees, even ward choirs there is something for everyone. Find something each member of your family enjoys doing and lend your talents. This will help you find individuals with similar interests, and make it easier for your entire family to make friends.

  • Becoming involved in your church congregation requires some effort. It requires a happy attitude and willingness on your part. Although, when you put forth that effort, you will reap the rewards.

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