6 ways to find time for your spouse

It is crucial you make it a priority to spend time with your spouse. When you don’t, you begin to live two separate lives.

6 ways to find time for your spouse

It is crucial you make it a priority to spend time with your spouse. When you don’t, you begin to live two separate lives.
  • Think back to when you first started dating your spouse. You would do anything to spend time with him or her. Now, fast forward to the present. With a to-do list that’s a mile long, piles of work that never seems to end and constant chauffeuring of family members from one place to another it seems like a quick kiss is all the time you have for one another during the day.

  • You may live under the same roof, but your day-to-day activities don’t overlap, and you find that you begin to grow in different directions. To avoid this tragic situation, here are several suggestions for finding time for your spouse every day.

  • 1. Set aside five minutes

  • To find time for your spouse, you must set aside other tasks and focus on time together. Spend at least five minutes every day and talk, touch, kiss — basically whatever you like as long as it’s together. Go someplace free from distractions such as in the car, in bed or even at the breakfast table before your children wake up.

  • 2. Use pen, not pencil

  • Regularly plan dates with one another. These don’t have to be expensive dates or even outings where you spend any money. Go for a walk together, have a picnic or exercise together. Just make sure you regularly plan these outings and schedule them into your calendar. And when you schedule them in, use pen. Don’t let anything erase these dates.

  • 3. Be willing to hire a babysitter

  • For many families, money is tight, and you don’t want to spend it paying for a babysitter. But if you have small children, be willing to hire a babysitter. This allows you to get away from home, avoid distractions and spend time with one another.

  • 4. Write love notes

  • Sometimes life becomes overwhelming, and you just don’t know how your schedules will allow you time together. During these busy times, write your spouse love notes. These notes let your spouse know that even though you can’t spend every moment together, you are still thinking about him or her. It also gives you a little piece of what is in their heart and mind when you don’t get to see each other as often as you would like.

  • 5. Pray together

  • Make time to pray with your spouse each morning and evening. This is a time when you can discover the desires of your spouse’s heart and receive the revelation you need to assist and support your spouse in all of their daily tasks.

  • 6. Go to bed together

  • Do all you can to go to bed together each night. Time alone in your bedroom can help strengthen your relationship and is the perfect setting to have sincere discussions with one another. If you and your spouse go to bed at different times, try to compromise and find a bedtime that would work for both of you. If your spouse comes home late at night, stay awake or ask him or her to wake you up when they arrive.

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  • Finding time with your spouse is crucial for your relationship. When you don’t take that time together, you miss moments that will strengthen your relationship and help your marriage grow together — not apart.

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