Tuesday April 3, 2018

Tuesday April 3, 2018

  • 1. Throw away your shot

  • On March 18, 22-year-old Stephon Clark was fatally shot in his grandma's backyard by police officers. The officers reported that Clark was advancing toward them holding a gun. It was an iPhone.

  • Clark's autopsy was released on Friday reporting that he was shot eight times in the back, contradicting the police officer report. Now hundreds in Sacramento are protesting, calling for police reform to prevent these tragedies and reminding citizens to examine how we treat race in the U.S.

  • Something to chew on when you're teaching your kids to fold laundry...

  • Before they can walk, kids can distinguish between different skin colors; by 6, they recognize that some skin colors are considered superior. In other words, it's not possible to ignore racial differences.

  • New York Times writer, Haig Chinian spoke with experts about how to best approach these issues with kids. He recommends asking:

  • -How are you feeling about what you're seeing in the news? -What are your friends saying? -What bothers you the most?

  • For more suggestions about how to discuss race and violence with kids, read the rest of his article here.

  • 2. Daily Data

  • Source: Gallup

  • 3. What's trending: This cheetah catching a ride

  • Maybe the cheetah was just curious, or maybe cheetahs get tired from walking too and was trying to catch a ride. Whatever the reason, people are loving this clip of a cheetah hopping into a safari vehicle. Watch it here.

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