Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

  • 1. Facebook is like Gossip Girl

  • Facebook is that friend that kisses and tells, but unfortunately only tells certain people (aka big companies). Recently, the FTC questioned Facebook on how 50 million of their users had their data leaked to Trump campaign consultants in 2015, without the user's knowledge. This data could have been used to manipulate voters with political ads. There's a lot involved in this, but one of the major problems is that Facebook knew that the company, Cambridge Analytica, took the information but kept their lips sealed to the public. In the coming weeks, the big wigs of Facebook, including Mark Zuckerberg himself, will meet with Congress to explain why this happened.

  • Something to chew on while you're doing the dishes together...

  • Who's watching?

  • If your child Instastories or Snaps every detail of their day, you may want to talk about who's really watching. While most children don't use Facebook, anything put online (even if it's "private" like a Snap) is susceptible to being hacked. In fact, 47% of US adults have had their personal information exposed by hackers. And don't let your children think they're not important enough to get hacked. Hacking doesn't usually come because someone specifically wants to target you. Instead, hackers gather and sell your information to big companies who want the data in order to manipulate you.

  • Teach your children to keep private stuff private. Rule of thumb: if you wouldn't say it on the loudspeaker at school, then don't put it on Facebook.

    • How could she help her friends be safe on social media?
    • Maybe have her create her own "Stay Safe" videos and memes, or even write letters to Mark Zuckerberg. Kids can make a difference.

  • 2. More gun violence in the U.S. What's going on here?

  • Yesterday, the U.S. witnessed another school shooting. Seventeen-year-old Austin Wyatt Rollins entered a Maryland high school and shot two students before being apprehended by school resource officer Blaine Glaskell. Rollins died in the hospital due to a gunshot injury. The two victims have also been hospitalized; One is in critical condition and the other is stable.

  • With quicker access to news than ever before, violence in school can seem common. However, you and your kids aren't as vulnerable to it as you may feel. According to Gun Violence Archive:

    • 25 people were killed in elementary and secondary school shootings in 2017
    • 50.7 million primary and secondary students were enrolled in school in 2017
  • This means there is a 1 in 2,028,000 chance of dying in a school shooting. So, while this violence isn't something to ignore, you and your kids can feel that school is a safe place.

  • Something to chew on while your kid creams you in a round of UNO...

  • What things make you feel safe? How do you feel after you play a video game? Violent reactions can be a response to life situations like feeling alone, isolated or different. How can you make others feel included?

  • 3. But Justin and Selena are perfect for each other!

  • Oops, they did it again. Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez broke up. Seems they just can't get a break (bad pun).

  • Something to chew on while driving to school...

  • How would you feel if a close friendship went bad?

  • 5. Daily Data

  • 94 percent of school-aged children did not express any worry or concern of feeling unsafe about going back to school in the fall.

  • 6. What's trending

  • Evan Hansen for President

  • "Hamilton" writer Lin Manuel Miranda and "Dear Evan Hansen" writer Ben Platt created a smash up of the two musicals, and it's the anthem your teen might just need today.

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