Monday, March 26, 2018

Monday, March 26, 2018

  • 1. A parade with a cause

  • On Saturday, in what ended up becoming the largest single-day protest in Washington D.C., about 800 thousand people took to the streets in D.C. to protest gun violence. Thousands more gathered in multiple cities all around the country. It all started with the horrific events of the Parkland School shooting in a town that was considered the "safest town in Florida." The March 24 protest, which was organized by survivors of the Parkland shooting, was to "demand that their [the kids and families protesting] lives and safety become a priority and that we end gun violence and mass shootings in our schools today."

  • Something to chew on when your carpool drives by a campaign sign...

  • When explaining the protest, 17-year-old Cameron Kasky, one of the Parkland students who started the protest, said, "Please do it for me. Do it for my fellow classmates. We can't vote, but you can, so make it count." The protest was a way for the Parkland students who couldn't yet vote to get involved on a topic they cared a lot about.

  • •Is there anything you feel passionate enough about that you would protest it?

  • •What are other ways you could show you're upset about something other than having a protest?

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  • 3. Here's to Marie Curie

  • When researchers in the 60s and 70s asked children to draw a scientist, it's likely Madame Curie rolled over in her grave when less than one percent of children drew a woman. And although we've still got a long way to go, today 28 percent of children drew a woman when asked the same question. We're not saying she's fully resting peacefully yet, but we're getting there ... we're getting there.

  • Something to chew when your daughter's asking what they'll ever use Trig for...

  • Not even the sky's the limit

  • In 2013, women made up 49 percent of biological scientists, 35 percent of chemists and 11 percent of physicists and astronomers. Researchers discovered that by as young as 6-years-old, girls are already affected by the stereotype that intellectual talent is more closely linked to men than women. Six-year-old girls were significantly less likely than boys to say that other females were "really, really smart."

  • Where does your gender bias lay? Take this Harvard Gender-Career test to find out. And if you want ideas on how to raise an empowered daughter, take a look at how these parents did just that.

  • 4. Daily Data

  • What do you think?

  • 5. What's Trending

  • Peppa Pig

  • The internet is turning a screenshot of Peppa Pig into a meme and it's going viral. The picture is of an upset Peppa hanging up the phone. People are using it to express their feelings on telemarketers and getting calls from exes.

  • For the record, Peppa didn't get get a call from a robot telling her she won a cruise. Peppa just found out that Susie Sheep knows how to whistle and she doesn't. We get you Peppa - that's the worst.

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