Thursday, March 22, 2018

Thursday, March 22, 2018

  • 1. Keep Your Hands To Yourself

  • Lawsuits about President Trump's alleged sexual misconduct hit the news ... again. This time, a former "Apprentice" contestant is accusing Trump of sexual assault. In response to this, and other multiple sexual harassment accusations against him, Trump said they are all "lies." His lawyers attempted to block the suit because #PresidentPrivileges. This week the court said there was no reason the lawsuit should be dismissed, meaning that Trump's presidential campaign would have to release all documents they may have regarding sexual misconduct. Trump's been accused by more than a dozen women.

  • Something to chew on when your chocolate-lipped child denies eating the last piece of cake...

  • • The big news with this story is that allegedly Trump and his lawyers tried to hush up multiple women making accusations. We've all got something we'd like to keep hidden - like how much money you spent in the dollar section at Target last week. Unfortunately, most of those things have a nasty habit of resurfacing.

  • • Ph.D. Joanne Stern said "parents often set their kids up to lie," even when they think they are creating an environment to help them tell the truth. If, however, you make it a safe conversation for them, they will be honest. Check out her sample script on how best to approach a lying child so the next time you hear yourself saying, "Are you lying to me?" you can recognize there's a better way to approach the conversation.

  • 2. I Want You Back

  • Oh, we have so missed them since they've been Gone. 'NSYNC is coming back together in Hollywood to get their star on the walk of fame. The boys still look good (maybe God spent a little more time with them). Justin Timberlake, JC Chasez, Lance Bass, Joey Fatone and Chris Kirkpatrick will be immortalized on April 30. Here We Go Now!

  • Something to devour when your kids say, "Who's that?"

  • • Have a family dance night! Get your baggy jeans on, practice your best sultry looks, give them a real taste of the 90's with some candy necklaces*, get the kids off the couch and dance!

  • • The family that dances together stays together.

  • 3. Tell Us Your Thoughts

  • We're always looking to have meaningful conversations with our audience. If you have a second, stop by our Instagram page and tell us your thoughts on our latest question.

  • 4. Bomber Suspect Kills Himself, Raises Questions of "Why?" Again

  • The man who allegedly placed bombs in Austin, Texas killed himself by detonating a bomb in his car when approached by police. He left a 25 minute video confession on his phone, but no real motive.

  • Friends and family describe the suspect as "a very normal kid" and "peaceful."

  • Something to chew on after reading your kids "Goodnight Moon" (again)...

  • • If you're not sure how to assure your kids that they're safe, Parents Place recommends minimizing exposure to media violence, reminding them of the people who care for them and maintaining routines among other things. Read the full article here.

  • 5. Daily Data

  • 52% of adults ages 18-29, saying being a good parent is one of the most important things to them.

  • 6. What's Trending

  • Unicorn Ice Cream

  • Just when you thought ice cream couldn't get any more magical, Target created an ice cream that has actual edible glitter in it. Supposedly it tastes like a unicorn.

  • *Famifi sometimes includes affiliate link products we think your family will love. Just so you know, if you decide to buy this we may get a part of the sale (with no extra cost to you, of course.)

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