6 ways to make your man your partner, not just your husband

You deserve to build a great future together.

6 ways to make your man your partner, not just your husband

You deserve to build a great future together.
  • Falling in love with your husband was the easy part of marriage. You choose a great guy who loves and cherishes you. It is important for your marriage to be deeper than just titles and puppy love. You need to learn to move beyond just saying "I love you" to proving that you love him by working together.

  • Here are six ways to turn your husband into your partner

  • 1. Make plans together

  • Life gets busy and sometimes it feels like the whole world is trying to keep you from your husband. Instead of letting the world push you two apart, work on scheduling time to be together. Start by getting together weekly to go over each other's schedules; see what can be moved around so you can find time to be together.

  • Knowing what is happening in your spouse's week will also help you two to support each other in big meetings that are coming up or just hectic days.

  • 2. Laugh often

  • Learn to laugh. William Thackeray said, "A good laugh is sunshine in the house." Your house will be filled with light and love if you have a relationship were you can laugh.

  • Find things that you both enjoy doing and do them together. Tell each other about the funny things that happened today.

  • 3. Talk frequently

  • Talk about everything. Talk to your man about his worries and your worries. About money or lack thereof. Discuss each other's ideas and hopes. Make goals together. But most importantly, just talk.

  • Partners acknowledge that they can learn from each other and they need to work together. This comes from being able to talk to each other about anything.

  • 4. Don't be afraid to disagree

  • Being a partner doesn't mean bowing to each other's wills. It means that you move forward and choose to love. It means that you work through your differences. Working through your differences means that you acknowledge you have differences. You don't have to do this through a screaming match, but you can talk through what you believe and what you feel.

  • Through these discussions you can either work out a compromise or agree to disagree, but you will learn to work together.

  • 5. Remember his life

  • Make your talking space a safe place. This means that instead of remembering things to win the fight later, remember things to help your spouse feel loved.

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  • Validate his feelings. One of the best ways to build a future together is by remembering his feelings and past - not to hold it against him, but to help him remember how much he has grown.

  • 6. Be proud of him

  • Don't be afraid to show off your wedding ring. Be proud of your husband's accomplishments and tell him and others. You spouse deserves credit for the things he is doing, not jealousy. Support his successes rather than being depressed that you "can't keep up."

  • Your marriage is important to you, your husband and your kids. Use these six simple solutions to make your husband your partner for life.

Christa is a part time photographer, part time writer and full time lover of life. She loves eating chocolate chip cookies and singing (but not at the same time). She has her degree in political science.

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