Date yo’ wife: 5 perfect date ideas to re-spark your love in January

You have no excuse now: we've done all the planning for you.

Date yo’ wife: 5 perfect date ideas to re-spark your love in January

You have no excuse now: we've done all the planning for you.
  • Most of us know dates are important for keeping the spark alive in a relationship, but figuring out what to do and making time for them seems daunting. Well, not anymore. Each month we deliver five date ideas for you and your love to choose from.

  • Free

  • Check out a good time

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  • Local libraries are the best kept secret. It's often free to get a card which gives you access to thousands of books, movies and audiobooks. Go to the library with your lover and find a title you're both interested in. Either sit down and start reading it together at the library or check it out and find a different cozy place to dive in. Or if you're looking to be more active, check out an audiobook and start listening to it together as you go on a long walk.

  • Food

  • These are a few of your favorite things

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  • If you've got food on your mind, try a progressive meal together. Pick out one restaurant that has your favorite appetizer or light main meal and start there. Next, go to another restaurant for your main course and finish off the evening picking up dessert at your favorite sweet shop. You can make this as inexpensive or fancy as your budget allows.

  • Stay-in

  • Experience the great indoors

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  • If the weather is crummy, enjoy a cute campout in your very own house. Roast marshmallows over your stove, set up a tent or just pull your mattress onto the floor to feel like you're camping. For an extra touch of authenticity, throw this campfire video up on your TV and voila! You get the camping experience without the mosquitos.

  • Try something quirky

  • Let your love shine

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  • You know that magical scene in Tangled when they are sitting on a pond with a million floating lanterns surrounding them? Well, this won't be quite as magical as that, but it's pretty close! Order your very own floating lanterns (it's $6 for 10!), write down the things from the last year you want to let go of, tie it to the lantern and then release them into the sky together.

  • *Get the lanterns on Amazon here.

  • Adventure

  • Tripadvisor your town

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  • When tourists come to your town, what do they do? Look up the top 10 things on Tripadvisor and pick three activities to do or sites to see, even if they don't seem too thrilling. You might just laugh at some of the most mundane things that are hiding in your own backyard.

  • *Just so you know, this contains an affiliate link. If you choose to buy this product, we may get a small portion of the cost (with no extra cost to you).

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