10 ways to tell if he's doubting what he feels for you

Trust your gut when you feel something’s wrong. Here are 10 signs he could be doubting his love for you.

10 ways to tell if he's doubting what he feels for you

Trust your gut when you feel something’s wrong. Here are 10 signs he could be doubting his love for you.
  • Do you suspect your man's feelings for you might be fading? Here are 10 ways to tell if he's doubting what he feels for you:

  • 1. He has a backup plan

  • He's secretly making an easy way to get out of the relationship. If you ever confront him, he'll probably never admit it. Whether it's searching for his own place or occasionally checking his old dating site, he's creating a backup plan in case things don't work out.

  • 2. He sounds excited to see you but is never available

  • You mention you should go out sometime, and he enthusiastically agrees. But you never actually go on that date. Either he never takes the time to set a date and time or something comes up last minute. If his actions don't match his words, he might not be into you.

  • 3. His future plans don't include you

  • He uses "I" instead of "we" when planning his future. If he doesn't see you in his future, he might be doubting his feelings.

  • 4. He isn't as physically affectionate

  • It's true that busy schedules can make it harder to find time alone, but if he isn't taking those rare moments to kiss you or hold you close, he could be giving himself space to mull over his thoughts on the relationship.

  • 5. He focuses on his own needs

  • He only focuses on himself. If he's doubting his feelings for you, he doesn't see a reason to meet your needs and wants. It's still important to keep your own independence in a relationship, but you should still work together to meet each other's needs. If you aren't getting that from him, it's a sign your relationship is changing.

  • 6. He subtly gives you reasons to leave

  • People typically try to put their best foot forward. But if he's purposefully giving you reasons to leave him, he might be trying to encourage you to end the relationship. He might do this by taking a double take at the woman that just walked by or spending more time out with his friends than he does with you.

  • 7. He makes elaborate excuses

  • When you ask why he's come home late every day this week, he'll come up with the most elaborate excuses; so elaborate, in fact, that you'll think there's no way someone could possibly make it up. Keep in mind maybe he really does have a major deadline at work, but if this continues for a lot longer than typical, it could be a sign something's up.

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  • 8. He gives too little information

  • While some elaborate their lies enough to be believable, others will keep their lies short to avoid getting caught later. They'll hide information, give simple answers or might just shrug it off and say you're being paranoid.

  • 9. He's slow to respond

  • You send a text saying, "Hey, we should go out this weekend." Then he takes a few days to respond. He might say he's too busy to reply, but everyone has at least one second in their day send a text message. Don't let him get by with sad excuses for blowing you off.

  • 10. He avoids commitment

  • He'll make every effort to avoid commitment and even avoid discussing it if he's doubting his feelings for you. If you're ready to commit and he isn't, that's a clear sign your views aren't aligned.

  • Don't jump to conclusions if you notice any of these signs in your man. If you suspect something's wrong, say something. Talk to your sweetheart and seek a counselor if necessary to build a healthy and happy relationship.

Shaelynn Miller is a staff writer for FamilyShare who has a passion for writing, video production and photography.


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