How to sneak in dates even if you can’t find a sitter

Here are six creative ways to spend more time with your spouse.

How to sneak in dates even if you can’t find a sitter

Here are six creative ways to spend more time with your spouse.
  • We all want to spend more one-on-one time with our spouse. This can be one of the hardest things to do because it takes so much planning. You have to find an activity outside the house and then spend the money for a babysitter and the date. The money adds up quickly, and the problem is that you really just wanted to chill with your spouse.

  • So what's the solution? You could join a multi-level marketing business and pray that the get rich scheme works for you, or you could just find some ways to sneak in dates at home.

  • As the world gets more complicated, sometimes all we have to do is just get a little more creative. Here are six creative ways to spend time with your spouse:

  • 1. Go to kid's sports game together

  • OK, so this doesn't sound that creative, but what matters is what you do while you are at the sports game.

  • Hold hands and chat about more than just what is happening on the field. Use the time to talk and enjoy each other's company instead of just being there for your child.

  • This is great because you will get to spend time together, and your child will feel supported. If you have other children, they can go play at the park or sit in front of you and enjoy the game.

  • 2. Play a kid's game (or any game) together

  • This one is so simple. You've been playing Go Fish all morning with your three-year-old. Mix it up and play extreme Go Fish with your spouse. Get competitive.

  • Or if you are totally sick of your children's games, pull out a more adult-oriented board game once your children are in bed. Turn the TV off and take the time to enjoy the simple things in life. It's fun to pull out your competitive side and give each other a chance to laugh.

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  • 3. Watch a movie

  • Snuggle together. There is something about snuggling with your spouse. You promised each other that you would be there to have and to hold. Take time to hold each other.

  • Start a TV show together so you have a weekly 45 minutes to hold each other.

  • 4. Have two dinners

  • Sometimes mac and cheese just isn't enough. After you put the kids to bed, make a delicious dinner and enjoy the time you have to be together.

  • For a special treat, light some candles and dim the lights. It will almost be like you are at a restaurant, and the best part is, you don't have to wait in line for a table. And you can personally thank the chef with a peck on the cheek.

  • 5. Decide a date night spot

  • Remember when you were dating and you had "your spot"? You would meet together, ditch class or sneak away from friends to just see each other.

  • Pull that romance back out and choose a spot in your house. Whether it's your balcony or even in a closet, find a place where it will just be the two of you. That way you can sneak off to your spot and spend some much-needed time together.

  • 6. Dance

  • You don't have to go clubbing to spend time next to each other. Simply turn on some music - whether it's slow music so you can sway together or swing music from that one class you took together. Use a little bit of time and the music to bring you closer together.

  • You can even play it when your kids are around. They can dance around you while you hold each other close.

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  • Get creative and think outside the box. Make sure you have time each week to spend with your spouse, focused on your spouse.

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