This is the haircut you should get based on your body type

Find out what haircut is most flattering for you.

This is the haircut you should get based on your body type

Find out what haircut is most flattering for you.
  • When you spend hours scouring Pinterest for the perfect photo to take to your hairstylist, it's easy to forget an important factor in having your best hair - your body type. It might not seem like your body has anything to do with how your hair looks, but according to YouTuber and hair stylist Silvia Reis, the way you cut your hair can actually flatter your body type.

  • You'll always look fabulous no matter what you do with your hair, but knowing the best haircuts for your body type could help you find your favorite style you've ever had.

  • 1. Curvy and full

  • If you're on the curvy side, Reis recommends matching your hair to your body shape. Many women with this shape think they need thin, long and straight hair, but keeping it full will keep you looking proportionate and fabulous. She also suggests getting a shorter cut around shoulder length for a fabulously flattering look.

  • 2. Short and petite

  • Reis suggests keeping medium length hair - not too long and not too short. Adding some layering throughout the hair and some volume on the top is super flattering for this body type.

  • 3. Tall

  • If you're super tall, having longer hair creates a pleasing balance that goes well with that body type. Reis also mentions that if you want a shorter length, hair that touches the shoulder is very flattering. You can even add some bangs if you're feeling extra adventurous and want your face to have a more round appearance.

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  • 4. Short neck and a small head

  • For this body type, Reis recommends adding volume to the sides and keeping the length short, creating an illusion of a longer neck. Super long hair also looks great on this body type, and Reis advises staying away from mid length.

  • 5. Small frame with a bigger head

  • Reis suggests turning the volume down with a simple, sleek look. Bangs can look awesome on this body type, and keeping the volume at bay will keep your hair proportionate to your body.

  • Remember, there's no wrong way to do your hair, no matter what your body looks like. These are just suggestions on what you can do to optimize all of your features. The most important thing you can do is feel good about your hair and do whatever makes you feel amazing.

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