16 super easy hairstyles for anyone who just doesn’t have time

Because everyone wishes they had another hour in the day.

16 super easy hairstyles for anyone who just doesn’t have time

Because everyone wishes they had another hour in the day.
  • If you're a human being, you have a busy life. Maybe you're busy with kids, school, work or playing with your cat - it doesn't matter what you're doing, but you're always pressed for time. We wish there were 25 hours in a day, but unfortunately, that's never going to happen.

  • While you're not going to get extra hours, there are ways you can save loads of time, and one is spending less time on your hair. According to a study, "women spend 335 hours, or two weeks, on their hair and makeup per year, which equates to about 55 minutes a day."

  • Two weeks in a year is a lot of time if you think about it. If you're busy and looking to save some time, here are a few quick and easy hairstyles you can do in a snap:

  • 1. The magical super long ponytail

  • Split your hair in two parts, and put one section in a high pony and the other section (directly underneath) in a low pony. Your hair will look twice as long!

  • 2. A darling top knot

  • Top knots are always a wonderful option.

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  • 3. Two french braids

  • French braids are awesome (especially for your second or third day hair).

  • 4. Any type of braid, really

  • Braids are always just a good option, whether your hair is short, long or somewhere in between.

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  • 5. The bubble hairstyle

  • Super cute, super easy and super fast.

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  • 6. Half up, fully fabulous

  • So simple and chic.

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  • 7. High pony with a little twist

  • Put your hair in a high pony, then wrap the elastic with a strand of hair. It's a darling spin on a classic hairdo.

  • Sleek & high ponytail @giovanna.b @dlush_hair

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  • 8. Half up bun

  • Easy and adorable.

  • 9. Triple knots

  • This will be your go-to for all things classy, fun and awesome.

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  • 10. Double buns

  • Don't pretend you don't love these.

  • 11. Dutch braids and low ponies

  • Perfection.

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  • 12. Peek-a-boo braid

  • Spice up your regular hairstyle with a fun braid.

  • 13. Bun with a surprise braid

  • Braid your hair up the back for a fun look while keeping those flyaways away.

  • 14. The pull-through braid

  • This one is super easy and super cute. All you'll need is a package of tiny elastics.

  • Pull-through pony ? #hairsquadlove

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  • 15. Side twist braid

  • A fun twist (pun intended) on a classic style.

  • 16. Milkmaid braids

  • People will beg you to teach them how to do this simple and lovely hairstyle.

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  • You'll save so much time and energy with these darling hairstyles!

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