9 hilariously rude things that kids have ACTUALLY said

Don't worry. If you're being stupid, your two-year-old will be sure to let you know.

9 hilariously rude things that kids have ACTUALLY said

Don't worry. If you're being stupid, your two-year-old will be sure to let you know.
  • Kids say the darndest things, and one Reddit thread proves that this timeless saying is still going strong.

  • Here are nine instances when kids proved they can be the rudest little humans on Earth while still being just so adorable.

  • 1. The juice enthusiast

  • So my nearly 3 year old just said, "Daddy, I love you". I said back, "awww, I love you too, little man", to which he then replied, "No! Silly Daddy, I said, I love juice."

  • 2. When you get the wrong message

  • When my daughter was little she was in the back seat of her car with her stuffed animal and said, "I love you!" Of course I replied, "I love you too, sweetie."

  • She replied, voice dripping with 3 year old scorn, "I was talking to Piggy!"

  • I died a little that day.

  • 3. Suck up

  • I like when my 2.5 year old says "I love you dada" and then asks me for a lolly at 8am. After I say no he says "I don't like you dada"

  • 4. That's what happens when you nurse someone who can talk

  • My 2 year old still breastfeeds once or twice a day. She hugs me and says, "I love you, milk."

  • 5. Say it back

  • Yesterday I [told] my son (2.5 years) I loved him. He looked thoughtful for a minute and then replied "I really love popcorn."

  • 6. Protect the Shopkins at all costs

  • I tripped over my kid's toys and she yelled "be careful!".

  • I thought she cared for my well being so I said "aww, I'm okay honey, thank you for being thoughtful".

  • She replied "no, you need to be careful so you don't destroy my toys!"

  • She was three at the time.

  • 7. Well the bear probably doesn't make him eat his veggies

  • My son talking to his favorite bear: I love you. Me to son: Aww, that's sweet. Do you love mommy, too? Son: No.

  • 8. The stinky-prickly police

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  • Had this conversation recently with my almost 4-year-old.

  • daughter: I love you and also I love mommy

  • me: I love you too!

  • daughter: But, I want to grow up to be like mommy, and not you

  • me: Oh yeah? Why is that?

  • daughter: Your feet are kind of stinky and a little bit prickly.

  • Well thanks for that confidence booster.

  • 9. Every parent has been there

  • Yesterday my 24 month old cried "Get a different mommy!" because I wouldn't let her watch YouTube.

  • Don't worry parents - you're child isn't abnormally rude! Eventually they'll realize you're pretty great. In the meantime, write that good stuff down.

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