Can you relate to these 3 things? Your marriage is likely suffering

Don't let these things ruin your marriage.

Can you relate to these 3 things? Your marriage is likely suffering

Don't let these things ruin your marriage.
  • We started out in the beginning of time with Eve feeding Adam some fruit. Ever since then, we have had this idea that men need to be fed by women.

  • In the 50's it was all about the classic housewife and the classic 9-5 job for a man. We would see the wife kiss her husband as he went off to work and then we moved forward. Every woman wanted to have the perfect husband and the perfect clean apron.

  • Now the stereotype of a woman has changed. It's all about the career, family and perfect body. She is supposed to have a full-time job, perfect family life and a size two waistline.

  • But how are these stereotypes really hurting you?

  • 1. You feel like you don't have control over your life

  • You want a good things in your life, but you feel like your life is spinning out of control. You want something different for your life. Unfortunately, you don't really know what it is you want - you just need a change.

  • When we fall prey to stereotypes, we feel like we can't take control of our lives. We feel like we have to stay in the box. Don't fall trap to this. Try new things even if they aren't the norm. Try new jobs, new vacation spots or a new way of walking to work. You will be amazed at what you see if you get a different perspective.

  • We can do a better job at knowing who we are and who we married. We do this the best if we don't worry about keeping up with the stereotypes - meaning we allow ourselves and our spouses to break the mold of what media tells us we should be doing.

  • 2. You feel pressure to live up to an unreachable standard

  • You feel pressure to be better, do more and see more. You feel like you are not able to accomplish anything because you won't be able to do it the "right way." Many people feel like failures because they are not keeping up with what media tells them they should be doing.

  • You need to take a break from what other people are telling you that you should be. Find out what you and your spouse want. Find out what is important to each other and work on building your relationship and lives based on those goals, not what other people are saying. You will be so much happier if you stay away from pressures of what other people think you should be doing and work on what you think you should be doing.

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  • 3. You are disappointed in how your life has turned out

  • If you are always reaching for something else, you will never be satisfied with what you have. Instead, be grateful for your life, your husband, your kids and your goals.

  • Be OK with what you have and want in life. Don't think that someone else's way of life is better than what you are doing. What works for your neighbor's marriage is not going to work for yours. You will only be disappointed if you are constantly comparing yourself.

  • Don't let social pressures and media tell you how to live your life or your relationship. Do what feels right to you and your spouse. Build your lives together in what works best for you!

Christa is a part time photographer, part time writer and full time lover of life. She loves eating chocolate chip cookies and singing (but not at the same time). She has her degree in political science.

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