14 brilliant ways to hide your dirty hair and look fabulous

You can put that hair wash on hold for another day or two.

14 brilliant ways to hide your dirty hair and look fabulous

You can put that hair wash on hold for another day or two.
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  • Let's get real here for a second. You're busy, you have responsibilities and sometimes, you don't have one ounce of energy or one minute of time to wash, dry and style your hair. Washing your hair can seem like a daunting task if you're not blessed with an amazing wash-and-go hair type, and no one likes spending an hour trying to tame their hair.

  • Having dirty hair is something we all have to deal with whether we like it or not. If you're sick of throwing your hair up into a ponytail, here are some fun ideas on how to cover up your dirty hair:

  • 1. Milkmaid braids

  • These braids are darling and a great way to cover up those greasy roots.

  • Dark lips and braids. #retro #retromodel #redhead #milkmaidbraid

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  • 2. Any type of braids

  • Side braids, ponytail braids, French braids and braid crowns are all great options (and the grease will actually help your hair stay in place).

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  • 3. A darling hat

  • It's beanie season! Use it to your advantage.

  • oh monday ☕️

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  • 4. The famous top knot

  • You can never go wrong with the classic top knot.

  • It's a top knot kind of day! #barmethodlakemary #manicmonday #barmethod #topknot #messyhairdontcare

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  • 5. Dry shampoo

  • Pro tip: use dry shampoo right after you wash and dry your hair. It'll start absorbing the oils before they even show up as grease! This is my very favorite brand, and you can buy it here.

  • 6. Wear a fashionable headband

  • Always fabulous.

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  • 7. Get a good texturizing spray

  • Dirty hair can make for some great texture. Get a good texturizing spray to play it up.

  • Buy it here.

  • 8. Wear some cute hair accessories

  • Darling hair accessories are a perfect way to cover up and distract from dirty hair.

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  • 9. Switch up your part

  • Switching your part will give you tons of extra texture, volume and confidence to rock that greasy hair.

  • Can we talk about the blend though? #onpoint Hair by Holly Richter @truhollyrichter

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  • 10. Wear two french (or dutch) braids

  • Back to the braids — these are perfect for second (or third, or fourth) day hair.

  • 5 Strand Braid by @n.starck

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  • 11. Put a twist on the classic pony

  • Put your hair in a ponytail, then wrap a strand of hair around the elastic. It's a fun twist on a classic style.

  • 12. Do the half-up hairstyle

  • Perfect for any occasion.

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  • 13. Or the half-up braided bun

  • Also perfect for any occasion.

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  • 14. Wash and go

  • If you must wash your hair, you don't have to spend an hour styling it. I use this sea salt spray, and it gives my hair just enough texture and body to be able to wash and go. It's the best!

  • If you try any of these tips, let us know your favorites in the comments!

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