10 reasons your big sister is the greatest gift your parents gave you

Tag your sister if you're grateful to have her.

10 reasons your big sister is the greatest gift your parents gave you

Tag your sister if you're grateful to have her.
  • Auggie, a character from the bestselling novel and upcoming film, "Wonder," wouldn't have made it without his big sister Olivia, that's for sure. He had to deal with challenges most 10-year-olds don't even consider, and his big sister was there to push him where he needed to go and stand up for him when that way became rocky.

  • I think we all can relate. Because, honestly, a big sister is the gift that keeps on giving. Here are the reasons why your big sister is the greatest gift your parents gave you - inspired by the bestselling novel and upcoming film, "Wonder".

  • 1. She tells you the truth (even when it hurts)

  • Your sister will tell you like it is, even when you don't want to hear it. For example, if you're feeling down about the kids at school, she'll give you the courage and strength to overcome it.

  • "Are you really going to let a couple of stupid kids keep you from going back to school? ... Don't give them that power over you." - Wonder

  • 2. You learn about compromise

  • Having a sibling means not everything revolves around you, but that's made you a better person. Sometimes you have to sacrifice what you want and it's sometimes been the worst, but at the end of the day you're grateful to have grown up learning to compromise.

  • "After you've seen someone else going through that, it feels kind of crazy to complain over not getting the toy you had asked for, or your mom missing a school play." - Wonder

  • 3. She's seen you at your worst (and loves you for it)

  • Living in the same house together for almost two decades, you've seen every bit of each other. She's seen you all beat up after surgery and seen you swallowed in tears from a broken heart. But all that has only made her love you more.

  • 4. She helped you grow up

  • From showing you everything from the "cool" music to what was up with tampons, she helped you grow up. In fact, she made sure of it.

  • "We need to let him, help him, make him grow up." - Wonder

  • 5. You can't imagine life without each other

  • Your sister has been in your life for so long that life without each other seems incomprehensible.

  • "I honestly don't remember my life before August came into it." - Wonder

  • 6. No one is allowed to mess with you (except her)

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  • She's got your back. Even if it puts her in an uncomfortable situation, she'll stand up for you because she's your sister.

  • "'What the heck are you looking at?' I'd say to people - even grown-ups." - Wonder

  • 7. She has the same memories

  • When you're watching "The Sound of Music," she'll reminisce with you about acting out "Do-Re-Mi" on a hill at the park, eating peach pie for breakfast at Grandma's house and playing tug of war with your puppy.

  • 8. She helps you get away with stuff - but not when it counts

  • Sure, she'd help you hide the pet frog when your parents said you couldn't keep it. But, on the other hand, if you pretend you have a stomach bug because you want to skip school, she'll call you on your crap and give you the confidence to face your fears.

  • "I had promised August I wouldn't tell her about the incident at school." - Wonder

  • 9. She actually GETS you

  • No one can know everything about you, but she knows the most because she lived your past with you. She gets that you can't bear to use plastic bags because you saw a strangled turtle at the aquarium (she saw it too) and she gets that you need to listen to a happy song when you wake up in the morning (she's seen you when you don't).

  • 10. She'll always love you

  • It's kind of in the sister job description.

  • Don't miss, "Wonder," the new film inspired by the best-selling book with stars Jacob Tremblay, Julia Roberts and Owen Wilson in theaters November 17.

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