10 easy ways to choose her again and again

Even if you’re already married, keep choosing her every day.

10 easy ways to choose her again and again

Even if you’re already married, keep choosing her every day.
  • Show your wife she's the only woman for you. It's actually easier than you might think.

  • Here are 10 easy ways to choose her again and again:

  • 1. Give her the whole night

  • Put away all distractions and focus on her - and only her. Show her she means the world to you by setting aside time to spend together.

  • 2. Remember her favorite flower

  • And buy it for her! Leave the flowers on the kitchen table with a sweet note for her to find later. She'll absolutely adore this surprise.

  • 3. Lend her your jacket when she's cold

  • Maybe she left her coat in the car because she wanted to show off her cute outfit. But now she's having regrets as she shivers in the chilly restaurant. Pass her yours so she can warm up; she'll definitely appreciate the kind gesture.

  • 4. Constantly remind her how beautiful she is

  • Shower her with praise that'll leave her blushing. Call her gorgeous, stunning and breathtaking- there are so many ways to tell her how beautiful she is.

  • 5. Plan a surprise date

  • Lay a quilt on the living room floor, whip up her favorite meal and enjoy an indoor picnic. Planning fun, spontaneous dates will remind her how much you love spending time with her.

  • 6. Reminisce about your memories together

  • Look through your wedding album or scroll through your pictures online from when you first started dating. Talk about your past and how far you've both come. Share your favorite memories and your hopes for the future to show you'll always choose her every day.

  • 7. Kiss her forehead

  • This is so simple yet so sweet. Kiss her forehead to show her she'll always be yours.

  • 8. Rub her feet

  • Tell her to kick her feet up and give her a relaxing massage to end her draining, exhausting day. Bust out the massage oils for some bonus points.

  • 9. Ask how her day was

  • Show genuine interest in her day. You're the first person she wants to share her best and worst experiences with, so truly listen to what she has to say.

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  • 10. Tell her you love her

  • Yes, she knows. But she wants to hear it every single day! Don't miss a chance to tell your wife how much she means to you.

  • Ask yourself what you can do to make your wife's day a little brighter. When you choose her again and again, your love will grow stronger each day.

Shaelynn Miller is a staff writer for FamilyShare who has a passion for writing, video production and photography.


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