Man picks lemon up off the ground; now the photo is going viral

Find out why this photo is touching thousands of hearts.

Man picks lemon up off the ground; now the photo is going viral

Find out why this photo is touching thousands of hearts.
  • Fires in California have been raging over the past couple of weeks, and thousands of people have lost everything - including their homes and in some cases, loved ones. The fires have destroyed over 5,700 buildings according to New York Times.

  • While this horrendous fire is continuing to wreak havoc, there are inspirational people living through this nightmare with a positive attitude. Like many others, Carl and his wife from Napa, California escaped the fire alive, but unfortunately lost their home and belongings.

  • The touching story

  • One man was so touched by the tender incident that he shared it on Facebook, and it's going viral. He wrote, "Meet my new friend Carl. His house was totally destroyed by fire."

  • As Carl and his wife walked up the driveway of their non-existent house, Carl saw something positive and ran with it. He picked up a lemon that had fallen from his now-burned lemon tree, turned to his wife and said, "Look hon we can have lemon in our drinks tonight!"

  • Meet my new friend Carl. House was totally destroyed by fire. Walking up his driveway with him this morning he see’s a...

    Posted by Clark Good on Tuesday, October 10, 2017
  • Making lemonade from lemons

  • Their optimistic attitudes have touched thousands of lives as their story has been shared all over Facebook. The sweet couple took the huge lemon life had thrown at them, and they literally made lemonade.

  • Carl's sweet wife added, "We got out alive and still have each other, we are blessed."

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  • People have been commenting and asking how to help the optimistic couple, but Clark, the man who posted the original photo, said the couple would rather have people donate to charities to help everyone involved. This goes to show just how incredible and kind they are.

  • Our prayers go out to all who have been affected by the fires and other natural disasters that have occurred lately. We can all learn a lesson from this sweet couple to always see the good in life, even when it seems there's nothing to be happy about.

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