10 things you should pray for daily (for the sake of your marriage)

Let God be part of your marriage.

10 things you should pray for daily (for the sake of your marriage)

Let God be part of your marriage.
  • We all know that marriage takes a lot of work, and sometimes we need a little extra help. When you're feeling like your marriage could use a boost, or even if your marriage is incredible and you want to make it even better, the best person you can turn to is God.

  • Here are 10 things you should pray for every day in your marriage:

  • 1. Pray for your spouse

  • When you pray for your spouse, you'll find that you'll grow closer to them and be more sensitive to their needs. Pray for their safety, well-being and everything else you can think of that would make their life better.

  • 2. Pray for patience

  • Marriage requires a lot of patience, and everyone could use a little help when it comes to this. God will help you be patient with your spouse and help you become the best partner you can possibly be.

  • 3. Pray for an open mind

  • It's important to have an open mind in your marriage, but it can be difficult to see things through your spouse's eyes. Pray to understand where they're coming from and be open to their thoughts and ideas.

  • 4. Pray for a loving home

  • Every couple wants nothing more than a happy home, so pray for your home to be a safe place for you and your children.

  • 5. Pray for joy

  • Happiness is an essential part of marriage, and you deserve every ounce of happiness in the world! When things aren't as happy as you would like, pray to find joy in the small things. You'll be surprised at how joyful your marriage actually is.

  • 6. Pray to stay focused

  • Marriage requires a lot of focus, and things can get messy if you get distracted. Pray to stay on the course to a wonderful marriage, and God will help you prioritize the most important things in life.

  • 7. Pray to be forgiven and to forgive

  • Forgiveness is an essential part of marriage, whether you're being forgiven or doing the forgiving. If your spouse does something you're finding hard to forgive, pray for the strength to let it go and move on— you'll be much happier for it.

  • 8. Pray for humility

  • We all love to be right, but sometimes you have to admit defeat. When this happens, pray that you'll be gracefully humble and that your spouse will forgive your shortcomings.

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  • 9. Pray to draw closer to God

  • God is one of the most important parts of your marriage, and he'll always answer when you pray. Making God an essential part of your relationship will ultimately strengthen your marriage and draw you and your spouse closer.

  • 10. Give thanks for your marriage

  • Thank God every single day that you have your spouse. Your spouse is your greatest blessing, so let God know how much you appreciate the opportunity to go through life with your best friend.

  • When you pray over your marriage, you'll find more happiness, have a better relationship with your spouse and a better relationship with God.

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