This 29-year-old Las Vegas shooting survivor describes what it was like to haul injured victims to the hospital in her own truck

'He carried someone dead into the hospital.'

This 29-year-old Las Vegas shooting survivor describes what it was like to haul injured victims to the hospital in her own truck

'He carried someone dead into the hospital.'
  • Lindsay Padgett was at the country music concert in Las Vegas when she saw sparks coming off the stage and heard popping sounds, but she didn't think much of it until she heard people yelling to get on the ground.

  • "We saw everyone being shot left and right," Padgett told ABC news. "We're just all on top of each other on the floor huddling together looking at each other not sure what to do."

  • Eventually, Padgett and her fiancé were able to run until they found a nearby airport hangar. It wasn't until they heard the gunshots end that they went to find her truck among the chaos and devastation.

  • The video Padgett took shows a man running up to the truck.

  • "Right now, we need your truck. We just need to get people over to the hospital," he said.

  • And among all the horrifying aspects of this tragedy, Padgett and Mike Jay, her fiancé, are an example of good people stepping up to help.

  • "Go ahead. Put them all in the back," Padgett responds.

  • They "started to pack everyone in"

  • Five wounded victims filled up the back seat and tailgate of the truck

  • "We were just trying to get people to the hospital. We got halfway there and as we were getting on the freeway, we saw an ambulance stopped, so we went over and they started taking the most critical people and putting them in the ambulance," Padgett told ABC.

  • Those in Padgett's truck were in critical condition.

  • "It was bad. One girl was shot in her leg. She was in my backseat ... One guy was shot in his back, he actually did die. There were a few guys who were shot in their chest," Padgett told ABC.

  • Referring to her fiancé, she said, "He carried someone dead into the hospital."

  • Padgett and Jay were obviously deeply affected by the horrors of the tragedy. When asked how they were holding up, Padgett said, "I mean, As well as we can. I don't really know how to answer that. We're just trying to get through the night, you know what I mean?"

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  • A 29-year-old woman at the country music concert in Las Vegas where a shooter opened fire from above fled the scene and...

    Posted by ABC News on Monday, October 2, 2017
  • Padgett and Jay are certainly not the only people who acted selflessly during the crisis. One witness, Mike Cronk, stopped the bleeding of his friend who was shot three times with his shirt and hid him under the stage. He and so many others helped rush injured people to first responders.

  • "I'm no hero," Cronk said. "But there's a lot of heroes out there."

  • Our prayers go out to all those involved in the Las Vegas shooting tragedy.

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    "We were just all on the floor looking at each other, thinking we're going to die." Lindsey Padgett was at the concert in Las Vegas when gunfire broke out. She called into WGN Morning News today and described the scene. Authorities say more than 50 people have been killed.

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