20 questions to ask him that will tell you if it's love

The only way to truly know what he feels is just to ask.

20 questions to ask him that will tell you if it's love

The only way to truly know what he feels is just to ask.
  • How do you know if it's real? How do you know the things you're feeling for him are real or if he feels the same way? So many questions swirl around in your head. Some questions you don't know or won't know the answer to.

  • Not until you ask him.

  • It's intimidating. But if you really want to know the truth, you have to ask him. Don't know where to start? Here are 20 questions to ask that will tell you if it's really love between you.

  • 1. What's the most important thing you learned from your mother?

  • 2. What quality do you admire most in someone else?

  • 3. What does commitment look like to you?

  • 4. How do you solve problems?

  • 5. Have you ever been in love?

  • 6. What would your friends say is your best quality?

  • 7. What is your greatest accomplishment?

  • 8. How would you define a long-term relationship?

  • 9. What are you looking for an in a relationship right now?

  • 10. What does family mean to you?

  • 11. What is something you hope to learn in the next year?

  • 12. How is your relationship with your mother?

  • 13. What makes you the happiest?

  • 14. What do you want most out of life?

  • 15. Who is your best friend, and how did you become best friends?

  • 16. What's the greatest thing that ever happened to you?

  • 17. What do you value in a relationship?

  • 18. What is your greatest goal?

  • 19. What's the most important thing you've learned from a past relationship?

  • 20. What's a time you were really proud of yourself?

  • There's a right time and place to ask these questions. The opportunity to ask the questions will present itself. You'll want to make sure the two of you are in a place and setting where you can speak freely and not be overheard by many people. Make sure it's at a time when he doesn't feel pressured to answer them and has time to think about the question before he answers you.

  • Asking these questions can open up the possibility for something more in your relationship. After all, the goal is to find out if what he feels for you is true. He's probably after the same thing, so don't freak out if he asks you the same questions.

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  • All in all, you may be surprised by the answers he gives you. If the answers don't go the way you thought they would, don't be discouraged. Once you know his true feelings, you can take them and run with them. Use them to move on, until one day you find the one person who will give you the answers you want.

  • But if he gives any inclination about being totally head over heels for you, don't be afraid to ask this bonus question:

  • If I were to kiss you right now, what would you say?

Callie has two Bachelor of Arts degrees in English and Communication and when she isn’t writing, she’s reading. Some of her favorite things include Harry Potter, all things Disney, road trips, and telling stories.

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