6 signs he loves you for all the wrong reasons

Sometimes love isn't as dreamy as it seems. Here are six signs he loves you — but for the wrong reasons.

6 signs he loves you for all the wrong reasons

Sometimes love isn't as dreamy as it seems. Here are six signs he loves you — but for the wrong reasons.
  • It's nice to know your honey loves you for everything you are. But that love might not be as innocent as it sounds. Being appreciated for the right reasons is amazing ... But sometimes your significant other's love is based on less than flattering features. Here are six signs your man loves you for all the wrong reasons.

  • 1. Just the way you are

  • Men can fall in love with a woman as she is, but may have a hard time adjusting to her as she grows and changes. If your guy loves you exactly as you are, and only that way, he wants you to stay the same. However, his hopes and expectations are unreasonable because no one can remain exactly the same forever. If you do expand your horizons and develop your interests or intellect he loses interest.

  • 2. You're flawless

  • Perfect skin, a beach body, and a cool attitude? If you're perfect in every way, your man's love may not be coming from the right place. It's easy to love someone who's perfect. You say and do the right things at all times, and you look good while doing it. But no one is perfect, are they? This perfection he sees is a fantasy. And when your guy inevitably finds a flaw, the fantasy is broken and he'll doubt his feelings for you.

  • 3. Loving you is easy

  • Generally speaking, if loving you is simple, your guy could love how easy it is to love you more than he actually loves you. This is a sad situation where you are potentially replaceable by any other person who is as easy-going as you are. He likes women who are not too complex and don't ask for more. He doesn't have to work too hard and there aren't many challenges to overcome or compromises to make.

  • 4. You're agreeable

  • It's easy to love someone who agrees with you on everything. If you two share the exact same perspective on every issue, you never have to deal with conflict or understand how the other thinks. It's great for partners to be compatible and have similar values, but living in an echo chamber doesn't inspire growth in either person. Couples can still get along while lovingly disagreeing with each other.

  • 5. You're always happy

  • Happiness can be infectious - a continuously cheery attitude can have a lasting impact on your relationship. While it's a great asset to have a pleasant disposition, your hubby could actually be addicted to your personality instead of genuinely loving you. What happens when you're a little down or blue? If he comforts you and lets you come back to normal in you're own time you've got something good. If he immediately tries to get you to cheer up and becomes frustrated or impatient with a diminished mood, he doesn't appreciate your full emotional range. He sees you as one-dimensional, and when you're not happy, you're not you.

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  • 6. He loves love

  • Sometime people simply want to be in love. They're ready and they go for it with the next person they meet. If your man is in love with love it could mean you had good timing and got lucky. But another woman could easily be in your shoes - it's not so much the person he's in love with, he just loves the feeling.

  • Being loved for the wrong reasons can be hard on the heart. It's good that you are loved by the person you care about so much but that bright spot comes with a cloud if he doesn't love you for the rigth reasons. You can also discuss your concerns with your darling and find out how they truly feel about you. But in the end, if you need deeper appreciation, you deserve to truly be with someone who loves you for all the right reasons.

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