Couple with triplets huddle in shower, but when the dad opens the door, he discovers his house is GONE

This is a truly miraculous story.

Couple with triplets huddle in shower, but when the dad opens the door, he discovers his house is GONE

This is a truly miraculous story.
  • We've all heard about the hurricanes raging through the Caribbean, Texas and Florida lately, leaving the cities and families in complete destruction. Survivors are now dealing with the horrendous aftermath of the storms, and it's overwhelming to think of all the lives that have been turned upside down in the past month.

  • There are many stories, however, that offer a glimmer of hope to survivors and to the rest of the world. Miracles have definitely happened, and this story is nothing short of incredible.

  • They huddled in the shower

  • Kate Jackson and her fiance, Alex Ashman, were living in the British Virgin Islands when Hurricane Irma hit. The couple had given birth to triplets six months prior to the storm. The family took shelter in a small shower, where they sought to protect their three baby girls.

  • The storm was remarkably intense, and according to Nick Cunha, a close family friend that was there with the triplets, they were all huddled in a shower when they heard the roof blow off the house. He said the bathroom was the only room left in the house, besides a small generator room.

  • Three women, two men, three babies and a few cats were present during the traumatic situation, and the men held up some drywall and a headboard while each woman held and protected a little baby.

  • More of the story #Irma, where we were, are and where we're going. #CaribbeanStrong

    Posted by Nick Cunha on Sunday, September 24, 2017
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  • They were finally safe

  • When Cunha tried to open the door, he knew they were trapped in the little bathroom because the wind was blowing too hard right outside the door. The house had basically blown away. Then he and Ashman tried one last thing. They saw a window in the bathroom, kicked it out and were able to pull every person out of the bathroom one-by-one until they were all safe in a generator room.

  • Once they entered the safe room, the eye of the storm came and everything stopped long enough for a neighbor to come over and rescue the family and friends. The neighbor's house was still standing, according to Cunha, and they were all able to take shelter there.

  • A true miracle

  • It's an absolute miracle that no one was harmed during this horrifying time, and that the sweet triplets made it out alive. The family lost everything they had, and they set up a GoFundMe to help with their financial situation, as they're out of jobs, a home and baby equipment like clothes, cribs and strollers.

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  • These three babies are among the youngest survivors of the hurricanes, and we're so grateful they're all safe. If you're interested in donating to the hurricane victims, please visit Charity Navigator, UNICEF or How to help victims of Hurricane Irma for more information.

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