Don't go back to him: 7 reasons you're better off alone

Embrace single life and don't let the breakup get you down.

Don't go back to him: 7 reasons you're better off alone

Embrace single life and don't let the breakup get you down.
  • You've had a bad break up, you know it's for the best, but you also know you're vulnerable and could run back to him at any moment.

  • If you broke up for a good reason, it's important to resist those weakness when you're reminded of the good times you had with your ex. Whenever you find yourself tempted to go back to him, remember these seven reasons you're better without him:

  • 1. You broke up for a reason

  • Maybe you broke it off or maybe he did, but either way, the relationship ended for a reason. Maybe he couldn't commit or stood you up one too many times. Perhaps you weren't a priority or he felt you weren't invested enough. Whatever the reason, when you're reminded of happy memories, tell yourself the reasons why things ended.

  • Your heart has a tendency to only remember the highlights which makes it easier to want to reignite an old flame - but keeping in mind the exact reasons why it didn't work out can help you stay strong.

  • 2. Your single status is NOT a hit to your self worth

  • Don't you dare think for a second that you're worth less because you're single. Being in a happy relationship can be great, but your personal worth has nothing to do with whether you've got a man at your side. You're not incomplete without a boyfriend - remember how wonderful you are with or without him.

  • 3. Single life is great for self discovery and progression

  • Now that you're single, you've got a bit more time to spend with just yourself - take advantage of it. Try new things, explore the interests you already have and be grateful for this time you get to spend with such an amazing person (that's you, by the way). Things might be over between you two, but now is the time to focus on your own personal progression.

  • 4. Jumping back into the dating world is fun

  • Post breakup, it's easy to feel like you'll never want to date again, and stepping out of the dating scene for a while is probably the healthiest thing to do. However, you might be surprised that you feel ready to jump back in sooner than you anticipated. When you're ready to open up your heart again, you get to experience all the fun, flattery (and free food) that comes with the world of dating.

  • 5. You don't settle

  • Going back to him wouldn't be brave or smart - it would be settling. Settling for something that you are better without. Settling for a relationship that isn't the best for you. Settling for a person who doesn't see your true potential. And you can do so much better than settle.

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  • 6. There's hope for a better (future) relationship

  • It may not feel like it right now, but believe it or not, your love life isn't doomed. Breakups are ugly, rough and painful, but the end of one not-so-great relationship leaves a door open for a better relationship.

  • 7. You haven't found him yet, but he's out there

  • Your ex was not "the one". It might have felt like he had potential to be "the one" , but time will tell you otherwise. But guess what? There are so many men out there who would be a better match for you, just waiting to run into you at the grocery store, at work or on the street.

  • Break ups can be terrible, but there's no reason to consider sliding back into a relationship with your ex. You'll be better off alone for a while to rediscover yourself and look forward to a bright, hopeful future.

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