4 ways to find the positive

Negative thinking is a contagious disease. Once you are infected, the pessimism will quickly spread to your words and actions.

4 ways to find the positive

Negative thinking is a contagious disease. Once you are infected, the pessimism will quickly spread to your words and actions.
  • If you are looking for something to be negative about, you will find it. Fortunately, if you are looking for the positive you will also find it. The more you learn to recognize the positive, the easier it is to see. There are four things I have found that help me in my quest to discover the positive things of life. As I have implemented these four principles, my family life, my personal life and my professional life have been much more enjoyable. By thinking positively, learning how to be grateful, speaking optimistically and hunting for the good stuff you will be able to turn any day into an opportunity.

  • Think positive

  • In his book, The Power of Positive Thinking, Dr. Norman Vincent Peale suggests that no matter what your current circumstances, you should think of yourself as being extremely successful. Imagining yourself, the relationship you have with your spouse and your family life as successful and happy will bring a smile to your face. As you look forward to your future success in your family life, you will realize that your current challenges are insignificant. Keep the image of yourself as happy and successful in your mind and the negativity will fade away.

  • Remember, negative thinking is a contagious disease. Once you are infected, the pessimism will quickly spread to your words and actions. Negativity can infect all parts of your life and can also spread to your family members. There is only one cure that I know for negativity ... gratitude.

  • Learn gratitude

  • Learning gratitude starts with recognizing even the slightest positive thought, experience or circumstance. Identifying things to be grateful for takes time, practice and experience. Experiment by writing down things that you are grateful for. Review each day in your mind and pick at least three things that made you feel good.

  • Look for opportunities to express gratitude to others. Express gratitude to your spouse and your children. When someone says something kind, does something selfless or helps you in any way be sure to say thank you. Just like negative thinking is contagious, so is expressing gratitude.

  • Speak positively

  • Words are powerful. Your words have the ability to influence the thoughts and feelings of others. If you are in the habit of complaining, your negativity can infect others. Try an experiment and see if you can go an entire day without saying anything negative. If you hear others speaking negatively, try pointing out something positive and see what happens.

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  • Hunt the good stuff

  • The U.S. military regularly teaches soldiers about the importance of resiliency. We soldiers often find ourselves in situations that are mentally, physically and emotionally challenging. It can be easy to slip into negative thinking when you constantly feel under pressure. In times like this, it is vital to ask yourself questions that will draw out the good things. When you start to feel overwhelmed with negativity, ask yourself, “What is going well today?” “How can I make this situation better?” Or, “What can I do to help someone else endure this challenge?”

  • Start today with a new optimistic outlook on life. Your positive attitude will spread through the members of your family and lift the level of joy in your home. Think positive and imagine yourself triumphant over the challenges of life. Be grateful and express your gratitude to those who help you along the path of life. Each time you speak, let it be with kindness and optimism and remember to always hunt the good stuff.

Dustin A. Wiggins, author of 180 Experiences that will Strengthen your Marriage, is passionate about discovering ways to strengthen the family. He loves to write and explore different parts of the world. You can follow him on twitter @_DustinWiggins or check out his blog Lessons of Wisdom to stay updated with helpful and inspiring ideas.

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