17 reasons your sister is the best gift your parents ever gave you

She's your best friend (and sometimes your worst enemy), and you're not sure how you'd get along without her.

17 reasons your sister is the best gift your parents ever gave you

She's your best friend (and sometimes your worst enemy), and you're not sure how you'd get along without her.
  • There's no relationship quite like a sister. She's seen you at your worst possible times and loved you for it all the same. You've fought about stupid things, laughed yourself silly, and despite all your differences you know she's the best gift you've ever been given for these reasons (and so many more):

  • 1. She'll always be honest with you

  • Whether it's when you ask her what she thinks of your new boyfriend, or what color you should dye your hair, she'll always tell you how it is.

  • 2. She'll lie to you when you really need it

  • Remember that boy you had a crush on and pined after for months? Well, he had cooties and weird eyebrows and you're better off without him.

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  • 3. She'll cover for you

  • When you get home after curfew, she'll be the one who distracts your parents while you sneak in the back door and pretend like you've been home the whole time.

  • 4. She'll give the best gifts

  • Only a sister knows what you really want, but don't actually ask for, and you trust her taste in pretty much everything.

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  • 5. You'll share closets

  • Whether you want to or not, it's like having two wardrobes. And when something goes missing (which it always will), you know where you can find it.

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  • 6. She'll take the heat

  • When you bring home grades that are not the greatest, she'll remind your parents of that time she barely passed Chemistry, and your grades won't seem so bad ...

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  • 7. She'll introduce you to all your favorite things

  • Your favorite perfume? Favorite band? Best shampoo and conditioner? Chances are, you weren't introduced to these by your parents - your sister shared her favorites with you and you quickly adopted them yourself.

  • 8. She'll always defend you

  • Whether she chases down the bus bully or the girl who made fun of your hairy legs in 4th grade, she will always have your back.

  • 9. No one will understand your family's craziness like she does

  • Only she knows why you have to avoid that one aunt during any family functions, or why nobody ever mentions the family Christmas party of '07.

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  • 10. She was there for all your childhood memories

  • That time you tried to bungee jump off the banister when your parents were gone? She was there. When you sold salamanders on the street corner? It was definitely her idea.

  • 11. And she only has to say one word to get you rolling with laughter

  • It only takes one mention of the time you danced with mannequins on your head to scare your neighbors and you lose it.

  • 12. She's the person you trust the most

  • She's the first person you told you were pregnant, and she's your first choice when you need someone to watch your kids.

  • 13. She gives the best advice

  • Wondering how you should cut your hair? Which teachers to avoid in high school? What you should study in college? Your sister knows you better than most, and can usually answer with your interests and her experience in mind.

  • 14. She has the best taste in food

  • Whether you're going for a girls' night out or going through a tough breakup, your sister always knows the best food for every occasion.

  • 15. She'll always be there for you

  • When your flight is delayed and gets in at 2 am, she'll still be there to pick you up. She will always be someone you can count on, no matter what - even if you haven't spoken in weeks.

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  • 16. She loves you despite your flaws

  • Your sister has seen you at your very best, and at your very worst, but loves you anyway. She's stuck with you forever, so it's a good thing.

  • 17. She'll always be your best friend

  • No matter what you go through, how far apart you may live, or how many times you fight, your sister will always be your best friend.

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