Dad begs parents, 'Take your child on a one-hour adventure every day,' and his ideas are brilliant

Every parent should add this to their daily routine.

Dad begs parents, 'Take your child on a one-hour adventure every day,' and his ideas are brilliant

Every parent should add this to their daily routine.
  • Life is so busy and it can be hard to find time to do everything life demands. But, do you give time to the people who matter most? Do you make your relationships with your spouse and children a top priority?

  • One dad shares his experience and a good lesson for all parents on spending time with your kids every day.

  • Daily adventures

  • Joshua A. Krisch writes on about how he takes his 15-month-old son on daily adventures. Sometimes they visit a bookstore, others it's a playground, the cul-de-sac where they live, the grocery store or other local places. Krisch does these adventures after he's home from work, giving his wife a needed hour to herself, while he enjoys an hour with his son.

  • The hopeful results

  • Krisch states, "Researchers have found that children with involved fathers, who take time out of their day to play meaningful roles in their lives, are less likely to break the law, hold on to gender stereotypes, or have risky sex, and more likely to do well in school and keep their jobs."

  • Those are all really strong reasons to take the lead in parenting, but he also explains that men who help out at home and break traditional gender roles generally have happier marriages and their kids are happier people.

  • Love and consistency

  • Besides the obvious benefits of a better life for you and your child(ren), Krisch says it's also about love. When you love someone, you can't just say it. You need to show it. Love requires action. Giving of your time shows love, but showing interest in your children will have long-term positive effects.

  • This isn't a one-time thing. You have to spend time with your kids on a regular basis. Even when you're busy and overwhelmed, this time is vital. "I hope to never make spending time with my kid a "when I get a chance" thing. It's part of my calendar, a piece of my daily ritual. Which means it actually happens," says Krisch.

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  • Krisch says he's pretty certain his son won't remember these outings right now, but this tradition will definitely have a positive impact on his future. Kids need one-on-one time with both parents. They need to have time for fun, but also time where they feel like they can talk about their lives, the daily stuff as well as bigger events. If children know you care about them, they will feel more secure in your relationship with them and will feel safer opening up to you.

  • You need this time with you child and your child needs you.

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