These are the top 50 cities to raise a family; Are you living in one?

Did your city make it? Or even your state?

These are the top 50 cities to raise a family; Are you living in one?

Did your city make it? Or even your state?
  • I grew up in a small, quaint town with lots of room for exploring nature and friendly people — so friendly in fact that we wouldn't even lock our doors at night. And although I personally believe it was the most family-friendly town to live in, WalletHub's recent study on the top cities to raise a family in says otherwise.

  • Analysts ranked 150 of the most populated U.S. cities to see which ones were the best to raise a family. Housing cost, school quality, healthcare, recreation and 37 other key metrics were taken into account in their analysis. These were their findings.

  • Top 50 cities to raise a family in the U.S

    1. Overland Park, Kansas

    2. Madison, Wisconsin

    3. Plano, Texas

    4. Seattle, Washington

    5. Fremont, California

    6. Minneapolis, Minnesota

    7. Virginia Beach, Virginia

    8. Sioux Falls, South Dakota

    9. Irvine, California

    10. Lincoln, Nebraska

    11. Aurora, Illinois

    12. Colorado Springs, Colorado

    13. San Jose, California

    14. St. Paul, Minnesota

    15. Des Moines, Iowa

    16. Chesapeake, Virginia

    17. Boise, Idaho

    18. Omaha, Nebraska

    19. Salt Lake City, Utah

    20. Scottsdale, Arizona

    21. Denver, Colorado

    22. Raleigh, North Carolina

    23. Gilbert, Arizona

    24. San Diego, California

    25. Huntington Beach, California

    26. Boston, Massachusetts

    27. Durham, North Carolina

    28. Santa Rosa, California

    29. Charlotte, North Carolina

    30. Pittsburgh, PA

    31. Chicago, Illinois

    32. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

    33. Austin, Texas

    34. Chandler, Arizona

    35. Columbus, Ohio

    36. Rancho Cucamonga, California

    37. Pembroke Pines, Florida

    38. Sacramento, California

    39. San Francisco, California

    40. Lexington-Fayette, Kentucky

    41. Peoria, Arizona

    42. Louisville, Kentucky

    43. Amarillo, Texas

    44. Vancouver, Washington

    45. Spokane, Washington

    46. Fort Wayne, Indiana

    47. Grand Prairie, Texas

    48. Port St. Lucie, Florida

    49. Jersey City, New Jersey

    50. Worcester, Massachusetts

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  • Are you on there? If not, check out our worst cities to live in for familes and see if you made that. It's surprising California made so many of these spots considering the astronomical housing cost, but I suppose all their oranges and avocados make up for it.

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