This is what real men SECRETLY want from the love of their life

Do you do any of these things?

This is what real men SECRETLY want from the love of their life

Do you do any of these things?
  • We all know that women love to be swooned (for the most part), but what about men? Are there things women can do to melt their hearts?

  • Here are 12 real responses from men on Reddit who share what they secretly love when it comes to their relationships:

  • 1. Doing the little things

  • "I'm legally blind in my right eye and one girl I was dating always made a point to get seats on the right side of the theaters so that I'd be able to see everything without turning my head. Really simple but it blew me away when I caught on to her." — MachNeu

  • 2. Lots of kisses

  • "I feel warm & loved when my wife comes up behind me and kisses me on the back. I can't explain. It's not sexual. It's just awesome." — RickTheFrog

  • 3. Being there for every emotion

  • "So I'm traveling abroad for work right now, [sic] won't get to see my girl for like six months. She sent me a stack of like 20 letters, each in a different colored envelope. Each one is labeled "Open when you're happy" or "Open when you're sad," "Open when you can't sleep," etc. and every one contains like 2-3 pictures of us doing something together, and a letter to suit the situation." — JoeAgentofDOOM

  • 4. Even loves the quirks

  • "On Valentine's Day or maybe it was our anniversary, she gave me a deck of cards labelled "52 Things I Love About You," and each card had some unique little quirk of mine. Half of them were things I didn't even realize I did. Absolutely melted my heart." — SubtleOrange

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  • 5. Two words ...

  • Back. Scratches. — nivanbotemill

  • 6. Makes breakfast ... just because

  • "On days I work before my [girlfriend] she will get up earlier than usual to make me breakfast and a lunch for that day. It makes a HUGE difference because I am not at all a morning person. I know that may not be "romantic" but it definitely gives me warm fuzzies." — Relyt Adiarkas

  • 7. She appreciates true humor

  • "One of many things I love about my girl. When she recycles an old joke, pun or comment I made months ago in an even better way than I did. I love it cause it makes me laugh and it shows me how much she cares and listens when I talk." — Deleted

  • 8. Gives the world's best hugs

  • "Close and emotionally charged hugs. When she buries herself in my chest or neck. Makes me feel all strong and protective and absolutely melts me." — Panasax

  • 9. Let him know you appreciate his gifts

  • "My wife has dried, saved and framed a flower from every bouquet I've ever given her. I have no doubt she loves me." — Freq1c

  • 10. Thinks about his comfort

  • "When my wife and I first moved in together she got me a raised shower head. I'm a tall guy so I generally have to hunch over when I shower. Seriously melted my heart." — Reddit user

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  • 11. Being happy

  • "She was standing on a broken wall, and she was enjoying the view. She looked absolutely mesmerizing and I wanted to take a picture of her. All of a sudden she started singing, "I'm on top of the world hey!"

  • She did it out of pure joy and happiness and in that moment, I fell in love with her all over again." — SirrLagsALot

  • 12. Tags him in memes

  • "This may seem weird, but she'll tag me in a bunch of Facebook memes. I [used] to not go on Facebook too much but now I kinda look forward to seeing whatever silly picture made her laugh." — Magmasliver

  • What does your significant other do that makes your heart melt? Let us know in the comments!

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