10 reasons your husband is growing distant

Here's what you can do to get your sweetheart back.

10 reasons your husband is growing distant

Here's what you can do to get your sweetheart back.
  • You and your husband were once completely in love and your marriage was totally solid, but things have seemed a little off lately. Maybe he's been spending a little extra time on his phone instead of talking to you, or maybe he's not as interested in intimacy as he once was.

  • He might be feeling stressed, or he might be having a deeper problem that you need to discuss. Whatever the case, knowing why he's struggling to connect will help you help him, and your relationship will grow.

  • Here are 10 reasons your husband might be feeling a little distant:

  • 1. He's stressed

  • Stress can really take a toll on someone, and your husband might be stressed without you even knowing. Ask him how work is going, and do little things to lighten his load. If he's less stressed, he can put more effort into your relationship.

  • 2. He doesn't feel appreciated

  • Women love to feel appreciated, and it's no different for men. Thank your sweet hubby for everything he does for you and your family. He sacrifices a lot, and sometimes his efforts can take the back seat to everything else going on. Let him know you're grateful for him.

  • 3. He feels inadequate

  • Your sweetheart loves you and thinks you're Wonder Woman, and he might feel intimidated by your incredible ability to take on the world. We forget that men have insecurities too, and they need validation. Tell him you think the world of him.

  • 4. You put blame on him

  • This is a big reason your husband might be getting distant. If you have unmet needs, don't place the blame on him. Gently remind him you need him to do certain things, but don't blame him for every single thing that goes wrong in your life.

  • 5. He's looking at pornography

  • Don't read this list and assume your husband is addicted to pornography and your marriage is doomed. Even if he is viewing it, you can work through it together. If you think he might have a pornography problem, talk to him. Don't look through his internet history — just let him know you love him, you're there for him and you want to help him.

  • 6. He's tired

  • Maybe you have a new baby, maybe he's working longer hours at work or maybe he's been working extra hard at home to lighten your load without you even realizing it. Whatever is making him tired, he'll eventually come out of it. Let him relax and have time to himself.

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  • 7. He's depressed

  • You might not even realize it, but your hubby could be depressed. If you think he is, talk to him about it and let him know you're there for him no matter what. No one should have to go through something like that alone.

  • 8. You're depressed

  • If you suddenly change, it could have an effect on your husband, especially if he doesn't know you're feeling depressed. He might think you're closing off while you think he is. The key is to communicate and let each other know what's going on. He can't read your mind!

  • 9. He's not your priority

  • Take a look at your life and what's important to you. Chances are, you're a busy woman and you have to split up your time. That's totally normal, but your husband should be at the very top of your list of important things in your life. If he doesn't get any love and attention, it'll be easy for him to grow distant.

  • 10. He doesn't feel loved

  • Sometimes we forget men are emotional and need to feel loved. Tell him you love him every day and make a special effort to show him all the love and appreciation he deserves.

  • The most important thing you can do when your husband feels distant is communicate. Tell him how you feel, and let him talk as well. You can't read each other's minds, so talk it through so you can make it better.

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