10 signs your marriage can stand through anything

If your marriage doesn't have these traits, it's never too late to work on them.

10 signs your marriage can stand through anything

If your marriage doesn't have these traits, it's never too late to work on them.
  • Building a solid marriage is no easy task, but it's definitely a crucial one. Everyone wants a marriage that can withstand any trial, but how do you know if yours will?

  • Whether you're going through job loss, in-law problems, a romance-slump or you're trying to prepare yourself in case something bad happens, there are a few ways to tell if your marriage is strong enough to last.

  • 1. You frequently say "I love you"

  • Even if you might not feel it in the moment, you always let your spouse know you love them. Saying "I love you" is crucial in any marriage, and you should say it at least once a day.

  • 2. You've made it through other hard things

  • Hard things in marriage come up all the time, and you always seem to make it through them. Regularly getting through small issues will help you get through the less frequent big ones.

  • 3. You know how to fight

  • Knowing how to fight will save you and your sweetheart a lot of heartache. Set boundaries in your arguments, take small breaks and be respectful. Talk instead of yell. These practices will help you and your spouse make it through anything.

  • 4. You care about each other

  • If you care for each other, you'll want the best for each other. You'll never stop trying to make your sweetheart happy, and they'll do the same for you.

  • 5. Your relationship is your top priority

  • Couples who prioritize their relationship spend more time working on it are stronger when hard times hit. If other things are taking up the top priority in your life, now is the time to change that and work on your marriage.

  • 6. You talk to each other

  • Communication is arguably the most important thing in creating a happy relationship. Talking through your wants, needs and concerns will strengthen your marriage and get you through the rough patches.

  • 7. You know how to forgive

  • Your spouse will disappoint you, and you'll disappoint them. It just happens. You have to forgive your spouse because if you don't, the hard times will be ten times harder. Marriage has no room for resentment.

  • 8. You tell each other first

  • Every time something great or terrible happens, your spouse is the first person you want to tell. You know they'll either be super excited with you or hurt with you, and that should bring you a lot of comfort. They're your person, and they'll be with you through the hardest times and the best times.

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  • 9. You have fun together

  • You and your spouse really know how to have a good time. Being able to laugh and have an awesome time together is so important. It helps you make wonderful memories that you can look back on during hard times, and remember how incredible your relationship really is.

  • 10. You love each other

  • Nothing is stronger than love, and if the two of you completely love each other, you have nothing to worry about.

  • If your relationship lacks these traits, it's not too late to work on them. Pick something every day, week or even every month to work on and your relationship will be solid as a rock in no time.

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