13 subtle ways he’s screaming 'I love you'

It really is the little things.

13 subtle ways he’s screaming 'I love you'

It really is the little things.
  • Men are super great, but sometimes they have a hard time expressing their true feelings. He might not always come right out and say "I love you," but that doesn't mean you don't mean the world to him.

  • Here are 13 subtle ways he's desperately trying to say he loves you:

  • 1. He notices little things

  • He notices everything from a different hairstyle to a little trace of worry in your eyes. Somehow he always knows when you've had a bad day or if you're especially happy.

  • 2. He says, "I care about you"

  • You can be sure he loves you if he says he cares about you. He cares about how you feel about him, your struggles, your victories and your fears. Nothing is too small for him to care about when it comes to you.

  • 3. He sends you a funny picture/gif/meme

  • He'll be scrolling through Facebook, come across a funny cat video and immediately send it to you because he knows it'll make your day.

  • 4. He actually listens to you

  • He doesn't just try to fix everything when it comes to your problems. He takes the time and effort to actually listen to you and give you the support you desperately need.

  • 5. You're his top priority

  • You know he's there whenever you need him. And he would gladly turn down a guy's night out to spend some quality time with his true love.

  • 6. He takes you on dates

  • He loves to plan fun dates and spend quality time with you. He makes an effort to really make it memorable, even when you don't have a lot of time.

  • 7. He asks for your opinions

  • If he's asking your opinion, he's telling you how important your input is to him. He loves to hear your ideas and he knows you'll make whatever he's doing better than it was in his mind.

  • 8. He makes an effort with your family

  • My husband really does love my family, and he hangs out with my dad all the time. Every time they spend time together, I feel my husband's love for me because my family is such a huge part of who I am.

  • 9. He does the chores you hate

  • I absolutely can't stand doing dishes, so my husband is all over it. He also changes the laundry because I'm too short to reach all the way to the bottom of the washing machine. True love!

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  • 10. He defends you

  • Your man will still defend you with all his heart no matter what. When he does, he's subtly telling you how much he loves you.

  • 11. He listens to your favorite song on repeat

  • Taylor Swift's new song just came out, and my poor husband has probably listened to it with me over 100 times. He's a champ.

  • 12. He knows and uses your love language

  • I feel most loved when I'm holding hands or my husband hugs me, so that's what he does to subtly tell me he loves me. Your man will do the same for you — learn each other's love languages if you haven't already and watch how deep you can fall for each other.

  • 13. He says he's proud of you

  • Your sweetheart is so proud of you, and he knows how hard you work. Every time he says he's proud of you or brags about you to his friends, he's saying he loves you.

  • Share this with your sweetheart and let them know how much you love them.

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