Ok.com Your Family’s Movie Guide

Ok.com Your Family’s Movie Guide

  • Parents are always looking for ways to protect their family from media that has the potential to inappropriately influence the behavior of their children. Parents know that media choices can have both short and long term impacts on their kids.

  • Language, violence, sexual scenes and the likes that are displayed or depicted in movies and other media can impact children in a wide variety of different ways. The good news is that there are resources to help parents in this area.

  • Ok.com Your Family's Movie Guide is a great tool and guide to help you in your decision making when it comes to the movies you want your children to watch.

  • Some of the things you can do with Ok.com Your Family's Movie Guide include:

  • · Read what industry experts have to say as they monitor various movies

  • · Read reviews and comments from a wide variety of sources including your own network

  • · Watch movie trailers and other video

  • · Get special OK ratings as to whether a movie is "Worth Your Time" for your family

  • · See a guide and directory to movies playing in theaters in your area

  • You can find Ok.com Your Family's Movie Guide at OK.com www.ok.com

Russell is the VP of Global products for Deseret Digital Media

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