8 signs that this man is just wasting your time

Your time is valuable. Don't let him waste it away.

8 signs that this man is just wasting your time

Your time is valuable. Don't let him waste it away.
  • You want him to be the one. But no matter how much time you spend with him, you get the feeling that something's off. Perhaps you're putting much more effort into the relationship than he is. Or perhaps you feel like he's just wasting your time.

  • Here are eight ways to know for sure:

  • 1. He avoids meeting your family

  • The most important people in your life so far have been your family and closest friends. Now that he's in your life, you want to introduce him to those important people. You want him to meet your family, but somehow he always manages to weasel himself out of it. If he doesn't want to meet your favorite people, then is he really worth your time?

  • 2. When he talks about the future, he doesn't include you

  • A future should involve both of you, not just one of you. If he keeps talking about a future without you, or including you but only as an afterthought, he's definitely not in it for the long run like you are.

  • 3. He doesn't really know what he wants

  • He's indecisive not only about what candy bar he wants at the store, but what he wants out of life. He's constantly changing his mind and never really thinks things through. Especially when things include you.

  • 4. You don't know a whole lot about him

  • When you look at him, you realize he's never really told you much about his life. You've had great conversations, but they've only ever scratched the surface. You don't know what's truly underneath.

  • 5. He doesn't make you a priority

  • When you want to do something, sometimes you feel like you always come second to what he wants. If he isn't putting you first and making you a priority in his life, it may not be meant to be.

  • 6. There's not much to talk about

  • When you're together, you tend to run out of things to say. Talking used to be so easy, but now it's extremely difficult. Talking with someone you love should be easy.

  • 7. You haven't met his friends/family

  • You want to be part of his life, and that includes his family and friends. But for some reason, he keeps steering you away from them and spending time with you and only you. A relationship first involves you two, but it will eventually involve family and friends.

  • 8. There's not much dating actually going on

  • When was the last time you went on a date with each other? If it's been a long time or you can't quite remember, chances are he doesn't want to spend as much time with you as he says. You should spend time with someone who wants to make the most of the time he has to spend with you, rather than just wasting it away.

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  • You deserve a man who loves you and cares for you more than anything. Don't let any man waste your time — you're worth so much more.

Callie has two Bachelor of Arts degrees in English and Communication and when she isn’t writing, she’s reading. Some of her favorite things include Harry Potter, all things Disney, road trips, and telling stories.

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