10 signs you have the best grandparents ever

They really don't get the attention and gratitude they deserve.

10 signs you have the best grandparents ever

They really don't get the attention and gratitude they deserve.
  • Grandparents have a special place in all of our hearts. Yes, you have parents, siblings, cousins and friends, but there is nothing like your grandparents. From telling us epic stories from their past to spoiling us rotten, here are 10 reasons grandparents are the best:

  • 1. You have great childhood memories with them

  • Some of my favorite memories include reading books and making cookies with my grandma and playing games and going to the beach with my grandpa. I never have a dull moment around them, because each grandparent has a special way of creating memories with their grandkids.

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  • 2. They tell us the best stories

  • If you haven't asked your grandparents to tell you stories from their past, do it as soon as possible. They always have the best tales to tell about way back when they met each other and fell in love. Learn about how they went to school, raised your parents or fought in wars while you can.

  • I always know I'm in for a treat when my cute grandparents start a story about their past.

  • 3. They are a great example of true love

  • Aged love is the most touching, endearing kind. Watching grandparents show each other affection after all these years will inspire you to grow old with someone of your own.

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  • 4. They spoil us just a little

  • Or maybe a lot. They say yes when parents say no, and always have something sweet hiding in pockets or purses. From gifts to outings to showing love, grandparents are experts in spoiling their grandkids.

  • 5. They make us want to be better

  • Their examples of kindness, hard work and selflessness really hit home. We know if we grow up to be a fraction of the person they are, we'll be well off.

  • 6. Going to their house was (and still is) a big treat

  • Whether they live on the other side of the country or just down the street, going to grandma and grandpa's house was a special event growing up. I know I still look forward to it today.

  • 7. They give us great advice

  • Our grandparents have learned a lot in life, and because they love us, they want to share their wisdom as we go through life. From small matters to big life decisions, we can always go to them for advice.

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  • 8. They make holidays the best

  • Where would holidays be without granny's gingerbread houses, grandpa's post-Thanksgiving turkey noodle soup? We all know birthdays are not complete unless we get grandma's birthday card, written in hard-to-read cursive.

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  • 9. We're heartbroken when misfortune strikes them

  • From health problems to funerals, some of our saddest moments involved our amazing grandparents because we hate to see hard things happen to them. For the ones who have passed away, we miss them tremendously and still love them so much.

  • 10. They make us feel loved

  • Whether they tease us or spoil us (or both), we can always count on feeling loved whenever we're around our wonderful grandparents. They care so much about us, and we love them back an awful lot.

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  • Don't forget to express gratitude to your grandparents for being the awesome, loving people they are. They would love to hear how much you care about them.

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