Family cruise turns into a nightmare when the ship leaves a couple behind

Was it the mom's fault, or do you blame the cruise ship?

Family cruise turns into a nightmare when the ship leaves a couple behind

Was it the mom's fault, or do you blame the cruise ship?
  • What was supposed to be a fun family vacation turned into a nightmare for this family of five. The Norwegian Breakaway cruise ship was docked in Nassau Bahamas, but left two passengers behind once they left port.

  • Guests aboard the cruise recorded a frantic woman and her husband trying to get to the ship as it was sailing away. The woman was screaming that her three kids were on the ship, and that she needed to be with them.

  • The whole thing was caught on film by another guest on the cruise ship, who filmed a two minute video of the panicked mother, who slowly got smaller as the ship pulled away from the Nassau port.

  • The mom was obviously distraught

  • One of the commentators in a video said, "You see that right there? That is someone that has missed the boat. And apparently, she has her kids on the boat, and she's not on there."

  • As the video shows, the woman was absolutely distraught as she fell to her knees.

  • They waited for her to show up

  • According to People, the cruise line made a statement that said the ship waited an extra 30 minutes for the woman. When she didn't show up, ABC News reported that "her husband agreed to disembark with their travel documents to wait for his wife while the children stayed on board with their uncle and his family for the remainder of the trip."

  • The cruise ship did mention in a statement that the woman did not return at the widely communicated departure time of 5:30. Even the narrator of the amateur video noted that when the ship says they are leaving at 5:30, they mean it. They don't mean 5:31, or even 5:32.

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  • "Norwegian offered travel and lodging assistance to the couple ... and made arrangements to reunite them with their family at the ship's next port," reports ABC News.

  • Who was at fault?

  • A travel expert told Inside Edition that it was the woman's fault for not being back at the port when she was supposed to be there. There were some passengers who wanted the ship to turn back and get the couple, but others felt the ship had waited long enough, and the woman was at fault.

  • What do you think - was the woman in the wrong or is this a problem for the cruise ship? Let us know what you think in the comments section!

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