10 tender ways to bond with your little girl

Creating a strong relationship can be difficult with all the distractions in the world, but it is so important.

10 tender ways to bond with your little girl

Creating a strong relationship can be difficult with all the distractions in the world, but it is so important.
  • It can be difficult to maintain a strong relationship with your children. With work responsibilities and the stress of everyday life, parents sometimes forget to cherish the small moments with their kids.

  • Creating a strong relationship can be difficult as children grow up and their interests change. Here are 10 things to help you build a stronger relationship and create memories with your daughter that will last a lifetime:

  • 1. Go on a parent-child date

  • Taking your daughter on a date is a great way to get personalized one-on-one time with her. You can plan a dinner out, a movie night together, go out for breakfast or make dessert together. It's all about spending quality time with her like you spend on date nights with your significant other.

  • 2. Do something adventurous

  • Don't spend all your time together watching TV. Make sure you go do something with your daughter where the two of you can talk and play together. Go rollerblading, go on a bike ride or just roll down a grassy hill. You don't have to do anything dangerous, but do something that will get your daughter's adrenaline going. She'll think you're the coolest parent ever.

  • 3. Make a craft together

  • Making a craft together will give you and your daughter something tangible that represents your relationship. Making crafts allows both parties to be creative and make something that is truly unique. Make something you can display in your home to give your daughter a sense of pride in her work.

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  • 4. Give each other a manicure

  • Nail polish can be messy, but every little girl loves trying mommy's beauty supplies. If you're worried about harmful chemicals on your daughter's nails, look for brands that are all-natural and safe for even the tiniest nails. While you paint her nails, you can ask her questions or tell stories.

  • 5. Give her a massage

  • Whether your daughter is young or old, she'll definitely enjoy a massage. You can rub her back, massage her feet or rub lotion into her hands. She'll feel more relaxed, and you'll love the time you get to spend with her.

  • 6. Read a book together

  • Reading books together is a great way to strengthen a relationship. Reading with your daughter will giver her the one-on-one time she needs while exposing her to new ideas and creativity.

  • You can create a special spot in the house as a reading nook for the two of you, and you can keep a list of your favorite books together. Turn this into a weekly habit of visiting the library together to find your next book.

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  • 7. Take turns telling stories

  • Kids love hearing stories from their parents. It's fun for them to learn more about their parents and to picture them as kids. Tell your daughter stories about when you were growing up. Then, you can ask her to tell a story.

  • You could also tell her made-up stories, and ask her to make some up too. This will get her to use her imagination and it will be entertaining for both of you.

  • 8. Just snuggle

  • Sometimes kids just want a good snuggle, and you could probably use one too. It's nice to hug and be affectionate. It will show your daughter that you love her and that physical intimacy is important in a loving relationship. Plus, she may not let you hug her for long, so take advantage of the hugs while she's young!

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  • 9. Prank someone (nicely)

  • A fun thing you can do together is pull of a nice prank. Leave a nice note on someone's pillow for them to find, or ding-dong-ditch a plate of cookies at your neighbor's house. Pulling these nice pranks will give you two something to laugh about and will give you a unique secret to share.

  • 10. Volunteer together

  • Bonding with your daughter can also include activities like volunteering. Whether you're participating in organized events or just helping some neighbors out with yard work, you will teach your daughter the importance of service while getting to spend quality time with her.

  • The time you spend with your daughter is priceless, so don't take it for granted. What are some of your favorite ways to bond with your kids? Let us know in the comments section!

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