If your boyfriend does these 13 things, he’ll likely break your heart

You deserve so much more than a man like this.

If your boyfriend does these 13 things, he’ll likely break your heart

You deserve so much more than a man like this.
  • When you start a relationship, it can be hard to see the signs that the person you are with might not be the best fit for you. Red flags will make themselves known, but if you're totally infatuated with this new love you can't see anything but perfection.

  • No matter how in love you are, there are certain things you need to look out for. Make sure you recognize these 13 signs to avoid a heartbreak in the future:

  • 1. He can't talk about important things

  • If you've been dating for a few months and you still can't talk about important subjects like your future together or where you think this relationship is going, he's not ready to connect with you on a deep, emotional level.

  • 2. He says he's not looking for a relationship

  • When a man tells you he's not looking for a serious relationship, you have to believe him no matter how much you don't want to. He'll break your heart if he's not ready for commitment and you are.

  • 3. You always make the plans

  • You plan fun dates, but he never takes a turn thinking of something to do this weekend. Plus, when you have plans, they fall through most of the time because "something came up" and your man had more important places to be. It's normal to reschedule once or twice, but you should ultimately be the most important thing in his life.

  • 4. He avoids labels

  • Calling someone your boyfriend or girlfriend is a big step in your relationship, but it's a necessary one when you've been dating for a while. If he treats you like his girlfriend but introduces you as a "friend" or only by your first name, he might end up breaking your heart.

  • 5. He regularly talks to his ex

  • There's nothing to worry about if he runs into a past girlfriend and they spend a minute catching up. But if they're texting every day or hanging out all the time, it's a red flag.

  • 6. He's not interested in your family

  • Meeting each other's families is an important step in your relationship. If he won't let you meet his family and he wants nothing to do with yours, it's a sign that your relationship probably isn't long-term in his mind.

  • 7. He seems too good to be true

  • My mom always says, "If it's too good to be true, it probably is." Even the truly wonderful humans on this planet have flaws. But if you can't find anything wrong with your new man, he's probably putting on a show for you. Any man who pretends to be perfect will end up breaking your heart.

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  • 8. He lies

  • Never tolerate a liar in your relationship. If you frequently catch him lying, it can lead to serious trust issues and relationship problems.

  • 9. Nothing is ever his fault

  • A good, respectful man will take responsibility for his actions. If he's constantly blaming people when it's really his fault, he's going to start blaming you, too.

  • 10. He's rude to you

  • Never tolerate someone who's rude to you. You deserve to be treated with love and respect.

  • 11. He confuses you

  • One day he's totally in love with you and never wants to let you go, but the next he's cold, won't answer your texts and chatting with other girls. If you're constantly wondering what exactly your relationship is, you're going to end up heartbroken.

  • 12. He makes your thoughts seem insignificant

  • Your thoughts and feelings are important and significant, and he should know that. Don't let anyone belittle your ideas, crush your hopes or keep you from reaching your goals.

  • 13. You have a bad feeling

  • Your heart will tell you if something's off. Listen to what it's trying to tell you, and get out of a relationship if you don't have a good feeling about how it will end.

  • The most important thing to remember is that you deserve to be respected, appreciated and loved. Even if the man you are with is wonderful in a lot of ways, don't tolerate any of these 13 red flags. Although having your heart broken is inevitable at some point, follow these guidelines to avoid it happening over and over.

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