15 things to wear that make you INSTANTLY look slimmer

Try these tricks to look thinner without even losing weight.

15 things to wear that make you INSTANTLY look slimmer

Try these tricks to look thinner without even losing weight.
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  • Diet and exercise is great and all, but it takes a while to lose weight, and when it comes to looking thinner, most of us want that RIGHT NOW. Fortunately, how you dress can really affect how thin you look. Try these tips to trim your body down without having to do any cardio.

  • 1. Long vests

  • This creates a longer look and hides love handles like a charm.

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  • 2. High-waisted pants

  • The perfect way to emphasize your waist and elongate your legs.

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  • 3. Wear dark wash denim, navy or black pants

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  • 4. Throw on a blazer

  • Blazers can hide unflattering upper arms and the long lines of the lapels make you look longer.

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  • 5. If you wear prints, keep them small

  • Light gingham, thin vertical lines - aim for patterns smaller than your fist.

  • Buy this cute peplum gingham here for $11.99.

  • 6. Color block dresses

  • Color block dresses are great at giving you a more flattering figure because the colored panels pull your eyes away from any less flattering areas.

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  • 7. Avoid baggy clothing

  • When you're self conscious about your weight, it's easy to want to hide under baggy clothes. Some baggy clothes will only make you look bigger. Try a tighter, bodycon dress from Amazon.

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  • 8. Pair flared jeans with wedges

  • If you're a flared jeans fan, you're in luck! Pairing flared jeans with wedges will make your legs look longer and thinner.

  • Get these flares for $38.99 here.

  • And these wedges for $22.40.

  • 9. Or go for boot cut pants to narrow your hips

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  • 10. Emphasize your waist

  • A wrap dress that hits at the smallest part of your waist is a super-flattering look.

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  • 11. Wear leggings with a wide waistband

  • A wider band helps hold in your muffin top while still making leggings possible. Try out this style.

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  • 12. Wear v-neck or scoop neck shirts

  • If you are apple shaped, this can help elongate your torso which makes it look narrower too.

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  • 13. Try a tummy-control shaper for those super clingy dresses

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  • Try this one from Amazon that has glowing reviews.

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  • 14. Get the right underwear

  • If you have side bulge from your bra, try this bra specifically designed to prevent that dilemma.

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  • 15. Elongate your neck with dangly earrings

  • Buy these for $12.99.

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