I tried this personalized shampoo, and here’s everything you need to know

With over 12 billion mixtures, I set my standards high.

I tried this personalized shampoo, and here’s everything you need to know

With over 12 billion mixtures, I set my standards high.
  • I was scrolling through Facebook one day when I saw an advertisement for personalized shampoo. I clicked on it out of curiosity, didn't think much of it then moved on with my life.

  • Well, as you've probably experienced, when you click on something, you'll see it advertised again and again on your Facebook, Instagram or even Amazon pages. I kept seeing this magical personalized shampoo, so I decided to give it a go.

  • How it works

  • Get "magic in a bottle" off the website Function of Beauty. The site is darling and inviting, so I wasn't nervous about ordering from them.

  • The first thing it prompts you to do is take a hair quiz. You click on the icon that matches your hair the most. It'll ask your hair type, structure and scalp moisture level. For these, I picked wavy type, coarse structure and normal scalp.

  • After that, you'll select five hair goals out of 17 options - I picked to fix split ends, lengthen, color protection, thermal protection and anti-frizz. When you choose your hair goals, it will tell you what natural ingredients come with each goal.

  • Then, the fun part starts! You get to pick the color of your shampoo and conditioner, the fragrance and how strong you want the fragrance to be. I picked the blue/gray color, cucumber mint fragrance and strong fragrance strength (and I love it). Next, you get to type your name or nickname for the label because it's made just for you.

  • My feelings about it

  • Now that I told you the whole process, I'll tell you everything that happened to my hair during this magical time. I've been using this shampoo and conditioner for about a month and I love the results:

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  • 1. My hair has grown over an inch

  • 2. My hair is WAY softer than before

  • 3. It's super easy to brush right out of the shower

  • 4. It feels very thick (sometimes a good thing, sometimes bad)

  • 5. I've had a bit of heat damage (so don't throw out your heat protectant)

  • 6. It actually brightened my blonde - I was super nervous about ditching my purple shampoo (it eliminates brassiness), but I was pleasantly surprised when I didn't even need it.

  • 7. I can go more days between washes! When I first started using the product, my hair got greasy pretty quickly because my hair was getting used to it. But now, I only wash my hair twice a week and it's totally fine (I do use a smidge of dry shampoo on the last day).

  • 8. The biggest change I noticed were my ends. If you look at the picture, my ends in the "after" picture look so much healthier.

  • *Disclaimer: My hair looks shorter in the after picture, but it's just because of the camera angle. It really did grow. Also, I didn't cut it during this whole experience. Promise!

  • Before

  • After one month

  • How much it costs

  • Prices vary, but everything is between $36 and $46 (including shampoo AND conditioner - it's $30 for just one or the other, so you save if you buy both).

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  • You can choose what size your bottles are and if you want to order more conditioner than shampoo. I got the eight ounce bottles and they're halfway gone after a month. I only wash my hair two or three times a week though, so keep that in mind when you're ordering.

  • Also, you definitely use less per wash than you would a normal shampoo or conditioner.

  • You can have it delivered just once or subscribe to have your personalized shampoo and conditioner delivered every month, every two months or every three months. If you subscribe, you save money.

  • But any way you order, it comes in the most darling box!

  • My final advice

  • I would definitely recommend this product to anyone looking to improve specific aspects of their hair. The formula is awesome, and it does what it claims to do. I'll definitely order this shampoo and conditioner again.

  • If you've tried it, let us know how you liked it in the comment section!

Lindsey loves traveling and shopping, and her favorite place in the whole world is Disneyland. She also loves spending time with her family and cute husband. She is studying Professional and Technical Writing and is part of the content team for FamilyShare.


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